Here is a deck i just have built from my cards laying around:


18 Mountain
4 Simian Spirit Guide

4 Keldon Halberdier
4 Bloodfire Dwarf
4 Brass Gnat
4 Blood Knight
4 Dwarven Miner
4 Dwarven Bloodboiler

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Fury Charm
4 Bonesplitter
2 Darksteel Pendant

4 Red Elemental Blast
4 Thran Foundry
4 Thorn of Amethyst
3 Oxidda Golem

Card choices:
Basics only is the most robust manabase i can imagine. Imune to nonbasic hate and Stifle. Opponent's Wasteland became useless. Monocolor deck really doesn't need fetches. SSG allows faster start or after SB play ToA first turn. It is also better late topdeck than Chrome Mox.
These 3 are the elite among them. Bloodfire Dwarf works like small board sweeper, so it can prevent random lose to EtW. It is important that other creatures have flying, suspend or toughness higher than 1, so they are only little affected. Dwarven Miner can sometimes sink multicolored deck. Dwarven Bloodboiler is a heart of this deck. It is a must_counter for aggrocontrol opponents like Threshold.
Blood Knight and Brass Gnat
Vanilla beaters with some evasion, keepers of equipment and main targets for Bloodboiler's ability.
Keldon Halberdier
Honestly, this is a total trash for Legacy measures. But suspended beater is a back up for late game and it can be released with Charm. As late game topdeck it can be hard-casted. Nearly immune to EE.
Lightning Bolt
Removal and finisher. Answer to Painter's Servant, Hypnotic Specter, Negator, Goblin stuff, mana elves/birds etc. Nice combat synergy with first strikers.
Fury Charm
Shatter with larger flexibility. There is a lot of nasty artifacts running around, e.g. Vial, Jitte, Needle, Chalice, Vedalken Shackles, Painter's Servant, Grindstone, stifled Dreadnought, Affinity stuff, Trinisphere etc., but it can also help as combat trick or release Keldon Halberdier.
Supplying Rancor. It is necessary in Goyf meta make weenie creatures stronger, especially when Bloodboiler for some reason can't resolve.
Darksteel Pendant
Scry 1 effect for each turn. Not bad.

Sideboard card choices:
Red Elemental Blast
I am not a big fan of color-hate, but it is necessary not to let opponent resolve: a) Counterbalance b) Diminishing Returns c) bounce on Thorn.
Thran Foundry
Grave hate, grave recycle and library shuffle in 1 card.
Thorn of Amethyst
Anticombo tech. All tutors, rituals, drawers and cantrips become + to play. R.I.P. dear ANT, TES, Belcher, Tide, Iggy ...
Oxidda Golem
I am sure that Vexing Shusher belongs here, but i don't own them. This is just a 3/2 haste body running around Counterbalance and CoP: Red.

Cards needed:
Vexing Shusher
Best way to play around Counterbalance, but i don't own any.

Cards and possibilities i rejected:
Ghitu Emcampment or Mishra's Factory
Slower start and/or more vulnerable manabase. Later game effect can't balance this.
More dwarves
More dependent on resolving Bloodboiler, more prone to E. Plague. Not good. Dwarven Recruiter is quite tricky, because it clogs up library with dwarves. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes it creates some sort of auto-lock.
Without Bloodboiler in play = dead card.
Orcish Artillery
Good, but too slow.
Dust Corona or Giant Strength
Not that bad, but it can't be re-equipped. Worse than Bonesplitter.
Pyrite Spellbomb
Nice solution to Silver Knight, but it helps feed opponent's Goyf.
Incinerate and generally more burn
Not viable today. Permanent threats with steroids work better in counter/Goyf metagame.
Land destruction
Slow and not so effective vs fetchlands, prone to permission and discard.
Maybe worthy to try, but manacost is little high.
Onslaught or Leonin Bola
Nice anti-blocker tech, but IMHO less effective than pumping first strikers.
Mogg Fanatic
No synergy with Bloodboiler, little to no help against EtW and Mongoose -> replaced with Bloodfire Dwarf.
Manacost 2/1 vanilla beaters (Jackal Pup, Tattermunge Maniac, Goblin Cadets, Goblin Patrol)
Bad synergy with Bloodfire Dwarf, no evasion, low count of burn removal = dead creatures.
Splash another color(s)
It would make deck expensive, prone to nonbasic hate/Stifle and suboptimal, because the manacost of Dwarven Bloodboiler () is very limiting factor. What offer other colors? White and green: enchantment removal, lifegain, better creatures (Goyf, Jotun Grunt). Black: discard, creature removal, creature recycling. Blue: permission, library manipulation, draw engines. But i think the benefits wouldn't balance the drawback.