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Thread: [Deck] Aggro Loam

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    Quote Originally Posted by apocolyps6 View Post
    Well, Loam has significantly higher card quality for one. Depths is more of a combo deck, this is more of a midrange/control deck.

    If anything, the deck that is closest to 4c Loam in terms of gameplan is probably D&T (non-blue control deck with mana denial elements and hate)
    In a Delver/Tempo meta, a deck that mainly plays lands and loam, is really good vs Wasteland, Daze, and Force of Will.

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    Re: [Deck] Aggro Loam

    Id agree vs turbo depths, but GW depths is a grindy KOTR deck with mox diamond and GSZ. The decks are pretty similar.

    The question is whether elvish reclaimer/ending/plow/crop are better than decay/chalice/pfire/bob

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