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Thread: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

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    Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Let's be optimistic people and do as the title says.

    For me, I usually go through decks like mad. Why? Because I get bored. Goblins, Enchantress, Solidarity, TES, RGBSA, Rabid Wombat (still love this though, it's just not good), Truffle Shuffle, Train Wreck, etc. Bant Survival, however, has kept me in love with the deck. It's hard finding something you enjoy playing an that is actually decent and holds up.

    I love playing against Control, including Aggro-Control as well. It's just a thrill trying to beat them as they try to stop you from beating them. Maybe it's because I like playing control and I know how it feels to just dominate the opponent, so doing it to the control player is fun for me. It's a lot of mind games and thinking.

    For watching, it's a lot of decks. I enjoy watching magic. My favorite would hve to be control decks of any kind which I already went into followed closely by Storm Combo decks. I like playing Storm too, so watching to see if the deck can win from an improbable position is cool.

    So, go to folks!

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I like playing Life from the Loam decks because Loam is my favorite card. Lands in particular is interesting to me because I enjoy the decision-making involved.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Pitch World, my god. Swinging for 22 on the third turn without playing colored mana is teh bonkerz.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Kobolds + Glimpse of Nature + Scapegoat --> Rites of Initiation
    Show those "Legacy - NO storm combo noobs" MWS players to fuck off cause you has your RITES son!

    4 City of Brass
    4 Gemstone Mine
    4 Elvish Spirit Guide
    4 Lotus Petal
    2 Mox Diamond

    4 Crimson Kobolds
    4 Kobolds of Kher Keep
    4 Crookshank Kobolds
    4 Shield Sphere
    4 Phyrexian Walker
    4 Ornithopter
    2 Tinderwall
    1 Goblin Bushwhacker

    4 Glimpse of Nature
    4 Mystical Tutor
    3 Scapegoat
    2 Ponder
    1 Rites of Initiation
    1 Beastmaster Ascension
    Actually, Mystical Tutor stole this decks Rites.

    I can't stop laughing when I play that deck.

    Otherwise, I like playing Solidarity, Pact SI, and NLS. Each one makes an elegant spell chain that is hard not to appreciate.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I enjoy all matches involving Death'n'Taxes and Dredge. The former because I like all those tricks, and the latter because it makes me feel like I'm playing (or watching a game of) Dominion.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I hate playing against countertop ... Who wants to watch some fat nerd play with his top

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I am sure it must not be fun to play against, but My Elf Aggro deck is so much fun to run in tournaments. Going broken early and/or playing one sided lock pieces is fantastic and just watching the synergies unfold or calculating the best way to maximize the tempo available to you is a blast.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Grinding control mirrors (that don't include prison decks) are the reason I continue to play Magic. Even if there's a lot of draw-go in there, I love when two decks have their hands around each others throats but neither can really gain enough of an advantage to win, then some epic topdeck flips the game vastly in one side's favor and unless the other can stabilize quickly, it's gg.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Bant Survival, hands down. It's probably my favorite deck to play in the entire 15 years I've been in the game. After that, MUD is a lot of fun to play with, but probably no fun at all to play against.

    Also, Food Chain combo.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Ahh finally, a positive one of these! :)

    Favourite to play: Decks that require a lot of thinking. Both kinds of thinking - storm combo type, and enchantress type. I'm guessing this stem's from Elves (NO-Pro) being my only deck for my first many many months of playing. I my next deck after that was a mono black aggro deck, which I thought was a friggin blast coming off of Elves. Now, I actually still enjoy playing it, but some favourites are Enchantress and storm combo, particularly this SI list by Vacrix. I ablsoultely love that deck. Belcher I like a little less, cause for the most part you wait until you have everything, and it really comes down if they have FoW/sideboard. Vacrix's SI list makes me think throughout the entire turn, it's so much fun.

    As far as watching, I really like watching the decks I like playing,storm combo and enchantress. Any matches that are really evenly matched and anyone could draw a game-changing card at any time. Topdeck mode and such.

    As far as playing against, anything that my deck doesn't absolutely stomp. I like playing against decks where my choices could potentionally mess me up, forcing me to think more.

    I guess I like thinking while I play magic.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I like decks that draw ridiculous amounts of cards and win fast and hard, i.e. Dredge and Storm. I also like lock-decks with semi-hard locks like Dragon Stompy.

    My favorite matchup is (or rather, was) AnT vs Reanimator. Much becase it reminds me of my favorite matchup in Magic altogether: Oath vs TPS in Vintage.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Back in the days I was a fan of Emildn's Sun Tower, I enjoyed Team America and played a *****/intuition/loam variant of Hanni's.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I think Death and Taxes takes this one. It's amazingly fun to play against since it has so many tricks and decisions. You have to try and guess what their mana is open for and it's mind warping to think about all the possibilities. It's a simple straightforward deck, but it just has so much to it.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Any fast deck that you haven't seen before, or don't see often, is fun to watch. This is why combo decks you haven't seen before are fun to watch, because they are unique, and because the games are fast paced and end very quickly.

    The more diverse, interactive and flexible a deck, the more fun it is to play and the longer it takes to get boring. In my opinion, pure combo decks are usually among the least fun decks to play, because they get repetitive very fast and many games do not interact with the opponent or even care what the opponent is doing. But on the same note, storm based combo decks, are the funnest of the pure combo decks to play, since they require a lot of thought and actually are very diverse and flexible as to the cards they run.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I think Solidarity is the most fun to play with, even though I don't think it is necessarily competitive. I usually just goldfish it and try to go off turn four, and see how far I can get. Pact SI is also a deck I enjoy playing like this.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    From a psychographic (is that the word I'm looking for?) point I'd say I'm a Timmy/Melvin so I like to win big and make splashy plays, but I want them to be engaging in their complexity not their flavor. That's why I love playing Stax or Stompy variants. Forget about that endless Top spinning and Brainstorming to get a small advantage or just Bolting your opponent's face. I'd rather go first turn Trinisphere followed by Smokestack and Tangle Wire or play an early Blood Moon to completely wreck my opponent. Also Humility + Manland + Tabernacle against Survival + Squee, Genesis and lots of mana involved is where I love to be.
    I also really like watching combodecks go for it, especially if they win really big, like a Stroke for 60 from Solidarity or infi Cruel Ultimatums from Dream Halls.
    I hate watching controldecks staring at each other because of a Standstill, especially when one has the manland advantage but doesn't even calculate whether it is right to start swinging (yeah I'm thinking of a very specific game here.. man that was annoying as hell).
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    For most of my Magic-Life I enjoyed Control. MUC, Landstill and more controlling Countertop lists. Recently I discovered that some Tempo decks are fun to play with, I never play Aggro decks and I will probably never touch a Strom deck either.

    What I like to play against (fun wise) changes with the type of deck I play.

    I love watching Dredge and Combo decks, basically everything that can pull off something amazing.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    One of my favorite decks to play back when it was competitive and even now casually is Solidarity. The sheer amount of nutty stuff you could pull off with that deck was awesome. The stack really was your bitch when you played Solidarity. I love how even though people started boarding in Gaea's Blessing it didn't really matter because if it came up while you were winning you could just win again in response.

    edit - Also the obligatory "I <3 Slivers" goes here, I guess. Still love running the casual tables with them.
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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    Blue-based Aggro-Control is my weapon of choice and it has been ever since I started playing Magic (back around the Urza block or something like that). When I first got into playing competitive Magic, my first real successful deck was Birdshit, which was a Vintage version of the old UGw Thresh, with Mongoose Werebear, Meddling Mage, Null Rod, counters, Stifle, Wasteland etc. Good times. In legacy, I've played many different Fish variants, Canadian Threshold, Slivers and currently I'm doing well with Merfolk. However, I also have a Berserk Stompy sleeved up for when I just want my friends to go "wut" at my mono-green thing without any countermagic.

    I enjoy playing Aggro-Control, because they feel like the most interactive decks to me. I also enjoy plaing against other interactive decks, simply because, there is a difference between just swinging for the fences against an open field when facing combo, and a difference in deciding what to send into the red zone and what to hold back.

    One would assume I'd hate playing against Combo with this in mind, but I don't. I like charging him for as much damage as possible and blowing up lands in order to stifle (pun intended) his resources before he can cast that AdN and go off. I don't like to play against Belcher, because the deck seems to be yahtzee to me - but that's beside the point.

    I hate facing prison decks, because after you pass the point of no return, there is really no way of continuing the game, and I hate getting locked down by looped Tangle Wires, multiple Maze of Iths, Tabernacles etc. Lands, I despise, in all honesty.

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    Re: Most FUN decks to play against, with, or watch!

    I love playing Mono-Green Control, though I can hardly get it to work.
    (that is indeed a cry for help)
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