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Thread: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

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    1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    I leave the link here of the report it is in Spanish, but if some of you are interested in reading the whole thing please write it in this thread and I' ll be pleased to translate it.




    P.S. you have the translation 4 posts below.
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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    grats on your finish! Id like to get a translation cause google doesn't do that well for me :(

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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    Same here.
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    Bryant Cook

    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    Agreed. If this was converted into English I could use it in the TES opening post.

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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    I'll get to work on it, but someone will probably do it faster than me :/
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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    Ok guys, here is the translation:

    T2T – T.E.S. (The Epic Storm), versión: Año 0

    Maindeck 60

    Instant 12

    4x Brainstorm
    4x Dark Ritual
    3x Cabal Ritual
    1x Ad Nauseam

    Sorcery 24

    4x Rite of Flame
    4x Burning Wish
    4x Duress
    3x Infernal tutor
    3x Thoughtseize
    4x Ponder
    1x Tendrils of Agony
    1x Empty the Warrens

    Artifact 11

    4x Lion' s Eye Diamond
    4x Lotus Petal
    3x Chrome Mox

    Land 13

    4x Gemstone Mine
    2x City of Brass
    3x Polluted Delta
    1xScalding Tarn
    1x Underground Sea
    1x Volcanic Island
    1x Badlands

    Sideboard 15

    2x Pyroblast
    2x Krosan Grip
    1x Grapeshot
    1x Meltdown
    1x Cabal Therapy
    1x Echoing Truth
    1x Shattering Spree
    1x Pyroclasm
    1x Deathmark
    1x Infernal Tutor
    1x Ill-Gotten Gains
    1x Tendrils of Agony
    1x Empty the Warrens

    Deckbuilding note: I may change 1x Cabal ritual for the 4th Chrome Mox, since I had no mana acceleration problems but Idied once to Ad Nauseam and twice more I had some trouble in resolving it. And if you feel that reanimator will be heavy in your metagame change the cabal therapy for 1x Oust in the sideboard.

    The tournament doesn’ t seem a piece of cake since everywhere you go Merfolks is all you’ d find. The participation was 28 people, so we played 5 Swiss Rounds plus top 8 (it was not sanctioned), this were the prices for the Top 8: 4x Tarmogoyf for the first one, 2x Tropical Island for the second, 1x Tropical Island for the third and fourth and 1x fetchland for the fith to eighth.

    1st Round Joan Antón Mateu, Uwb Landstill (2-0)

    It shouldn’ t be a big issue though I had to know that: 1st Emtpy the Warrens’ plan was not an option (I mean I should avoid going that way as musch as I could since most Landstill builds run 2-3x Engineered Explosives maindeck), 2nd I should kill swiftly otherwise I would allow him to build a grip full of counter magic and then I would have a bigger problem (specially if he plays Spell Sanre). I took the initiative, and my 7 were: 1x Gemstone Mine, 1x Duress, some cantrips and rituales, I play Duress-go and I saw absolutely nothing relevant (a bunch of lands, 1x humility, 1x Decree of Justice, which I took for being cantrip), at first I supposed taht he ‘ll play with FoW intimidation, but he failed that plan (afterwards he told me that he feels very unconfortable mulliganing with Landstill). Next turn I play a cantrip and thoughtseize, revealing nothing again, and next turn Infernal Tutor + LED  Ad Nauseam took the game.

    Side: +2 Pyroblast, -1 Cabal Ritual, -1 Empty the Warrens

    He started land-go, I have kept a 7 card hand like this: 1x Pyroblast, 1x Duress, 2x Lands, 1x Lotus Petal, 1x Brainstorm and 1x Infernal Tutor. I played land-go, next turn he landed a Meddling Mage naming (very wisely) Burning Wish, my next turn I played Duress taking his Force of Will and Pyroblasted his Mage, next turn I resolved Ad Nauseam thanks to a Brainstorm full of good stuff.

    2ª Round Oscar Merino, U/W Merfols feat. Stoneforge Mystic (2-1)

    Not much to say about this round since my opponent wasn’ t able to play in any of the 3 games.

    First one, Island Vial for him (he started), I mulliganed and play Gemstone Mine + Duress for his Daze, my opponent replayed the Island and let me go, I thoughtseized after landning more mana and he revealed a Daze and a bunch of Merfolks with “ or greater CC (remember he had a Vial at 1), so I played some rituals and artifacts and resolved Ad Nauseam, after 22 cards revealed, I was at 4 life without the possibility of a lethal Tendrils (I need a single LED), after risking a little more I revealed 3 more cards (1x Land and 2x 1CC cards) getting me down to 2 life, but I have to continue revealing or die in the next turn, once there I couldn’t turn back, but the next card was a lethal Burning Wish.

    Side: +2x Pyroblast, +1x Echoing Truth, -3x Cabal Ritual

    The only thing I can remember about this match is that he played a Silvergill Adept in his second turn and Standstill in his third, then I responsed with Echoing Truth to the Adept and a couple of Dark Rituals  Ad Nauseam (the former turn I played Duress and took a Force of Will so it would have been lucky for him if he had drawn another). I resolved the Ad Nauseam being at 18 life for a next turn Lethal Tendrils.

    Third game he started Mutavault + Vial, I took mulligan and started with Thoughtseize, after two turns playing cantrips, while he played no more lands at all, Ad Nauseam made me win again (I played it at 18 life), but I had to make a Tendrils for 18 (my opponent now at 2 life) and next turn I played Burning Wish  Grapeshot for the win.

    3rd Round Marc Anselmo, U Merfolks (2-0)

    I’ m on the play, no mulligan. Fetchland + Thoughtseize revealing: Daze, Silvergill Adept, 2x Island, Mutavault, Mishra’ s Factory, Coralhelm Commander, I chose the Daze, the next turn he playes Island + Vial (this means he has no countermagic), so next turn he dies due to Ad Nauseam.

    Side: +2 Pyroblast, -2x Cabal Ritual

    In the second game this was my starting grip: Infernal Tutor, City of Brass, LED, Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Scalding tarn. He played Island + Vial, and after an irrelevant draw I decided to tempt the destiny since the only card that could save him was Force of Will (that fortunately he didn’ t had) so: City of Brass + Lotus Petal + LED + Dark Ritual + Cabal Ritual + Inferal Tutor (sacrifico el LED)  Ad Nauseam (have to say that in this point I thought of going for Empty the Warrens since the possibility that he was waitin gfor ad Nausean to FoW was theere but it seem more likely that he just didn’t have it si I finally decided to go for Ad Nauseam, and it worked as I planned).

    4th Round Gerard Coll, Survival Naya (2-0)

    My opponent told me to draw since with 3-1-1 we may enter Top 8, but since the pairing seemed extremely favorable, I decided to play in order to ensure my place. Nothing to say, again, of this game, third turn I went like:Burning Wish  Il-Gotten Gains, and in the second one it was Tendrils for 16 lowering him down to 1 life, due to his own fetchland, and a couple of turns after I killed him through Lotus Petal + Burning Wish + Grapeshot, for his last 3 life points (ha have played Kitchen Finks).

    Side: +1 Deathmark, +1 Echoing Truth, +1 Ill-Gotten Gains, -1 Empty the Warrens, -2 Cabal Ritual

    5th Round David Díez, U Merfolks

    We are both in so we made an intentional draw and went to eat without pressure.

    Top 8 Albert Cuartiella, Big Zoo (2-0)

    This seemed also an easy game, even easier since he mulliganed to 5. I looked at my starting 7 and saw: Gemstone Mine + Ponder + 2x Dark Ritual + Rite of Flame + Cabal Ritual + Lotus Petal, mulligan which brought me: 4x lands 1x Ad Nauseam, 1x Rite of Flame, he started with Horizon Canopy + Wild Nacatl, I drew another land, land-go, next turn for my opponent was Wild Nacatl, in my turn yet another land drawn, so land-go, his third turn he played Forest + a powerful 0/1 Goyf !!!, I drew another land!!!,so land-go once again, his fourth turn was drawing with the canopy and attack bringing me down to 10 life. My fourth turn was anotehr land drawn (incredible shuffling technique) but I decided that this was time to go off and played Rite of Flame + Ad Nauseam, that fortunately broughtme enough storm to kill the Zoo Master (9).

    Side: +1 death mark, +1 Echoing truth, +1 Infernal Tutor, +1 Ill-Gotten Gains, -1 Empty the Warrens, -3 Cabal Ritual

    He started, after a mulligan to 6, with Forest + Nacatl, I have also decided to mulligan but can’ t remember clearly what it brought. What I can remember is that some turns after I played Burning Wish  Empty the Warrens for 16 Goblins (I felt enforced to go this plan since I have taken the Infernal Tutor and the Ill-Gotten Gains from my Sideboard, a mistake that I won’t repeat), he had 4 creatures on table (one of them was Noble Hierarch), after a couple of turns attacking, with Goblins diying here and there, I drew a Burning Wish  Grapeshot taking his last 2 life for the win.

    Top 4 Gerard Coll, Survival Naya (2-0)

    This game was extremely similar to the one we had in the previous round, and it had the same result.

    Side: +1x Death Mark, +1x Echoing Truth, -2x Cabal Ritual

    Top 2 Adrià Romero, Supreme Blue (Intentional Draw)

    We decided to draw and go home earlier.


    -The deck is really consistent, but you have to know it very well since you will be enforced to change the game plan in many games.
    -The hate against Storm tendrils seems to be disappeared (come on guys, 2x Tormod’s crypt is not what I call hateagainst Storm …)
    -It seems that even having viable option to play Tendrils Storm people is disencouraged for the ban-hammer.

    For more info:



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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    Told you.
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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    Nice report, just one question:
    why did you mull this hand vs zoo: Gemstone Mine + Ponder + 2x Dark Ritual + Rite of Flame + Cabal Ritual + Lotus Petal?
    You got 8 1/2 (EtW) cards that win immediatly and 7 more cantrips to draw into. I´d definitely keep that.
    Great result anyway, Im so excited for my first tournament with it, probably will write a report too.
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    Re: 1st Legacy Open, mollet. Top 2 with T.E.S.

    A friend of mine asked exactly the same, but having a hand full of mana with a single cantrip means that you are in hands of fate if the ponder brings nothing you are doomed, I ' ve taken hands like that before and sometimes it result into a great kill, but sometimes it result into an epic fail! What I dislike about it is that "sometimes", I prefer to take no risk and mull into a safer hand.



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