Hello, This will be our first Grand Prix Trial. We are hoping for a great turnout! =)

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Location: Ice Imports
500 Evergreen Way Unit #528 (right across from Moe's!)
South Windsor, CT 06074
(860) 432-3533

Format: Sealed Innistrad, Competitive REL.
$25 Entry, 10am-12:50pm reg and 1pm start time on the dot!


1st= 1 Sealed Box of Innistrad.
2nd= 24 packs of Innistrad
3rd= 18 packs of Innistrad
4th= 15 packs of Innistrad

5th-16th= Pack payouts

Prizes based on 35 players. More players means more prizes! So bring your friends!

Any level 1 and up Judges interested in volunteering can contact us directly!
Always seeking courteous and competent judges!

If you haven't been to our store yet then come on down when you can!
We have PLENTY of play space, so feel free to come hang out, check us out and have a good time!

Here is a small peek into our store: