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Thread: top 8 with T.E.S. at duel for duals at jupiter games

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    top 8 with T.E.S. at duel for duals at jupiter games

    My tournament report for the November NELC Jupiter Games Duel for Duals:

    My list:

    4 dark rit
    4 rite of flame
    4 LED
    3 Chrome mox
    4 lotus petal
    4 infernal tutor
    4 burning wish
    1 ad nauseum
    1 empty the warrens
    4 brainstorm
    4 ponder
    4 gitaxian probe
    3 duress
    4 silence
    4 fetches
    2 underground seas
    1 volcanic island
    3 gemstone mine
    2 city of brass

    1 past in flames
    1 ill gotten gains
    1 tendrils of agony
    1 grapeshot
    1 revoke existence
    1 time spiral
    2 karakas
    4 cabal therapy
    2 abrupt decay
    1 empty the warrens

    Onto the matches!

    R1 against Mark quackenbush goblins

    Game 1 he has a double vial start with a wasteland. My hand is all rite of flames and burning wish when I'm forced to do something, and I end up making a bunch of goblins even though I would lose to matron for sharpshooter. His board is 2x vial, warchief, lackey, piledriver, some other goblin and I attack into him a couple times. On a critical turn, I burning wish for a grapeshot. I go to attack and post combat try to grapeshot his piledriver to death to not die on the backswing, and he vials in chieftain. Ouch, I die. I board in therapies and abrupt decays

    Game 2 I have an awkward draw where I drew all 4 therapies (which i don't want to do...). On a crucial turn, I have a tutor chain into a tendrils for exact storm.

    Game 3 He has a great hand going lackey, go. He then proceeds to waste me, drop double port, and port me while applying pressure. I rip a brainstorm, so on my next upkeep when he ports I brainstorm, hit another brainstorm, then brainstorm again, and find enough mana to go city of brass, lotus petal, some rituals, 2 LED's, and I could tutor chain him into a lethal tendrils, but I IGG loop him to check on his last cards (REB, land, land)

    R2 against Nich Compton on Black Red Gate

    I've played against Nich a lot, so I know most of his list. He's got hand disruption, bobs, grim lavamancers, liliana, gatekeeper of malakir, vampire nighthawk in his deck.
    Game 1 I have the option of waiting a turn to try and draw a mana source to safely ad nauseum in a couple turns (need a land or a petal) or make 8 goblins. I'm on the play, so I end up making 8 goblins. He tells me later he had 2 1 mana hand disruption spells so it ended up being right I think. He plays grim lavamancer, on turn 2 he grims 1 and blocks 1. Then he plays gatekeeper of malakir kicked. He fails to draw into a nighthawk and dies. I board in therapies and abrupt decays cuz I've seen him run chalice in the past.
    Game 2 I'm expecting a lot of hand disruption, I keep a hand of rite of flame, 2 ponders, some lands, and an adnauseum. He thoughtsiezes turn 1 taking ponder I think, I draw burning wish. turn 2 he plays tidehollow sculler taking my burning wish. Turn 3 I draw probe into petal and another rite of flame, and I play out my ad nauseum into a tendrils.

    R3 against Matt Bell on dredge

    Game 1 I remember duressing, taking away a draw spell, and then ad nauseuming for the win. In come therapies.
    Game 2 He has a weak hand and casts some dudes (no dredging). I go to time spiral midway into the game with plenty of lands out and make a mistake, getting an LED nature's claimed when I could've avoided it. It didn't end up mattering, as I had an abundance of mana and my time spiral drew me into more mana and no tutors. I dig for a turn or two, don't find one, and die to 4 narcomoebas and a golgari thug beating me down (all hard cast). Embarassing.
    Game 3 He keeps another weak hand where he casts dudes and doesn't dredge. I cast time spiral on three lands and draw into petal, dark rit, LED, burning wish. The rest of the cards didn't matter :)

    R4 against Connor Thompson on UR burn

    I know Connor from Ithaca and I knew what he was on.

    Game 1 I keep a weak hand on the draw without a land drop but with a petal, rituals, ad nauseum, tutor, and an LED and a brainstorm. He plays delver on turn 1. I go to play my petal, and he dazes. I find a land on turn 2 and duress. He plays another delver and a goblin guide. I'm forced to ad nauseum from 8 and I die. I take out a ponder and a probe for 2 therapies.
    Game 2 Midway through the game he has some burn spells and a force but no blue card and I have cantrips into mana into tutor chain for a lethal tendrils.
    Game 3 I have an empty the warrens line with duress backup (I have to go for it so I can duress off dark rit) but he has double force to stop me. I lose.

    R5 feature match against Joey on UW rest in peace helm of obedience combo.

    Game 1 I have a setup where I can either duress and then ad nauseum next turn, or I can play rituals, duress, and then ad nauseum with 1 less floating. I decide to go safer, but I see a hand of counterspell, counterbalance, counterbalance. He plays it next turn with a top out. I check with a rite of flame, and he has another top revealed. I scoop. Expecting counterbalance, I board in abrupt decays and a couple therapies.
    Game 2 Don't remember much. It was grindy, I eventually ad nauseum I think.
    Game 3 Another long grindy game. I think he mulliganed both here and game 1. He enlightened tutors for a rule of law. I burning wish, then revoke existence on the next turn. He's eventually out of cards with a top out. I make a mistake by playing a rite of flame into an ad nauseum without playing a lotus petal and an LED (also had a burning wish in hand). He pops top and spell pierces it. Next turn, I play burning wish into past in flames and recast ad nauseum. It gets there.

    R6 feature match against Doug Mckay on UR empty the warrens Jace TMS blood moon angel stompy

    Doug always has the craziest decks :)
    Game 1 I ad nauseum into a win, My probe revealed rite of flame, and like 4 cantrips.
    Game 2 This game is long and involved. He plays a blood moon early off a chrome mox and basics. I eventually find a burning wish and a petal to revoke existence it. He plays another. Then he plays Jace. I still fight, but Jace eventually takes over with card advantage. He cliques me, and it's downhill from there.
    Game 3 Also long and involved. He lands another blood moon. This time, however, I burning wish for empty. next turn, I play 3 lotus petals, tap 4 lands, and empty for 8. He pierces, I pay. He dazes, I pay. He dazes one copy, I get 6 goblins. They beat down, he's low on cards. He goes to clique my draw step to block, I play dark ritual ad nauseum in response. I draw some cards until I see a rite of flame and a burning wish (blood moon still out) and stop. He forgets to take a card with clique after seeing the ad nauseum flop. I beat him down to 1 the next turn, and rite of flame burning wish into a grapeshot.

    Top 8! Woo! First top 8 with T.E.S.

    Round 1 top 8 against Greg komar on Junk
    Game 1 I IGG loop him on turn 2 on the play.
    Game 2 I have a turn 1 kill, but he duresses turn 1, then plays an ethersworn canonist that I don't find an answer to. He thought about tapping a mana to play the enlightened tutor on turn 1 to get it, and it immediately popped into my head, but he played a bob instead. I even thought this, but I didn't pull the trigger on therapy naming enlightened tutor. If I had, the game would've been different :(. I lose before finding an answer.
    Game 3 I mulligan to 5, He has turn 1 thalia off a mox diamond. I find a karakas to bounce her and burning wish for time spiral to find a new hand. He wastes karakas replays thalia. He draws 2 more wastelands, the fact that time spiral was inferior to time spiral in this situation didn't end up mattering as I couldn't cast either and lost.

    I end up with a playset of bayous for my troubles. Thanks for reading! :)

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    Re: top 8 with T.E.S. at duel for duals at jupiter games

    Congratz on your first top eight with storm man. I owe you lunch next time.

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    Re: top 8 with T.E.S. at duel for duals at jupiter games

    Congratulations on not taking home plateau or badlands good sir. Bayou's are kind of nice I guess but anyways good report, nice to see you playing TES.
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    Re: top 8 with T.E.S. at duel for duals at jupiter games

    I was also on storm on Saturday, along with one of my friends. Congrats to you!
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