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Thread: Second At Cosmo's Basement

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    Second At Cosmo's Basement

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this because it is an unsanctioned tournament amongst friends/family. However I figured a few of you would enjoy this.

    Report: 2nd at Cosmo's Basement

    4x Dark Steel Citadel
    4x Ancient Tomb
    4x City Of Traitors
    4x Cavern Of Souls
    2x Wasteland
    4x Crystal Vein

    Utility Stuff
    2x Voltaic Key
    2x Lightning Grieves

    Extra Ramp
    2x Mox Diamond
    4x Grim Monolith

    Speed Bumps
    4x Chalice Of The Void
    2x All Is Dust

    Creatures/Speed Bumps/Utility
    4x Lodestone Golem
    4x Metal Worker
    2x Worm Coil Engine
    2x Myr Battle Sphere
    2x Steel Hell Kite
    2x Phyrexian Metamorph
    4x Kuldotha Forgemaster
    1x Blightsteel Colossus
    1x Platinum Emperion


    2x Witchbane Orb
    4x Trinisphere
    4x Tormods Crypt
    2x Surgical Extraction
    1x All Is Dust
    2x Ratchet Bomb

    *Note* I had sent my Crucibles and 2 of my Wastelands away to be signed so my decklist wasn't what it should be.

    I went home to Springfield MA for the week so I could play in my cousin Cosmo's legacy tourney (and go to my grandpa's funeral) he has every 6 months. Winner got a free calzone from Pizza Makers and a bottle of Crisp

    The players:
    Cosmo: U/B Reanimator
    Keith: Merfolk
    Anubis: Storm
    Alex(my brother): Mono white control deck he built with me and Cosmo's cards.
    Black Kirk: Burn
    A.J.: Mill

    We get over to Cosmo's around 4pm and of course he is still sleeping because he stayed up until 5 in the morning playing DDR. He says DDR has restored his health and he is glad he found something that provides his daily exercise. We jump on his mattress on the floor until he calls us scrubs and wakes up to get one of his token anime button up shirts. He shows us video of his new online girlfriend and her cat and tells us he's going to move to Wisconsin to be with her (it was weird). Then he attempts speed runs for Punky Skunk until the rest of the crew show up. Black Kirk shows up last with three 20 piece chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds and two bottles of Crisp, one for the winner and one for himself.

    Game 1 Against Alex
    I haven't seen what Alex has brewed yet so I walk right into a mana tithe after going all in with exploding my Crystal Veins. I take forever to find lands. He has elspeth and moat out. I play All is Dust wiping the board and then drop a golem and equip with greaves to take the game.
    Sboarding: I take out Emperion and put in an additional All is Dust.
    Game 2: He gets mana flooded and drops a moat and a ghostly prison. I play a steel hell kite who flys over the moat for the win.

    Game 1 Against Cosmo
    He gets a turn 2 Iona. I laugh and win anyways.
    Sboarding: I don't remember.
    Game 2: I get a turn 1 chalice and think I have him but he recovers with Jin Gitaxis and a Griselbrand.
    Game 3: I get another turn 1 chalice and kill him with a myr battlesphere.

    Game 0 against A.J.
    A.J. is pussy whipped and has to go run errands for his girlfriend (who he shows us pictures of, no one is impressed)
    Easy win!

    I watch Keith and Cosmo play and witness awesomeness in game 2. Keith has a chalice at one and his 2 lands tapped. He surgical extractions naming exhume, Cosmo dazes in response, Keith surgicals again, Cosmo dazes again, Keith Dazes back... then they remember the chalice on one. We all lol and they call that game a draw.

    Game 1 against Black Kirk
    I get hit down to 4 and recover with a hasty Worm Coil Engine.
    Sboarding: Bringing in Witchbane Orb and Trinisphere.
    Game 2: I go all in on a witchbane orb with my crystal veins and pay dearly when I get smashed to smithereened I never find any land and don't recover.
    About this time Kirk finishes his 60 piece nuggets. I am amazed. He is still hungry.
    Game 3: I get a chalice on 1 and a witchbane orb into play. He eventually finds his smash to smithereens but it's too late.

    Game 1 against Anubis
    I get an easy win with 2 chalices in play.
    Sboarding: Bringing in witchbane orb and trinisphere.
    Game 2: He gets the turn 1 16 goblins or so that I can't beat.
    Game 3: I get god hand and just lock him out of the game completely. 2 chalices in play and then a witchbane seal the deal.

    Finals against Keith
    I get a turn 1 chalice and then get a battle sphere out which he can't deal with. I'm feeling good.
    Sboarding: All is dust and ratchet bomb come in.
    Game 2: I tap out for a worm coil engine he dazes. He drops a back to basics and I never recover.
    Game 3: This was truly an epic finisher. I all is dust twice, the second time losing 2 of my lands which were crystal veins. He gets me down to 2 life (he is at 4) I top deck an answer of Worm coil engine which I play and equip with greaves. He has one card in hand. I go to attack phase and with a smirk say "G.G." he looks down at his hand for 30 seconds and then taps three mana and psionic blasts me for the win. I am not happy.

    Keith gets a bacon, mushroom, ricotta, pepperoni calzone and the crisp.

    All is dust- You were a champ all day.
    Worm coil engine- One of the best creatures in the deck.
    Pizza Makers- Great calzones.
    A.J.'s girlfriend- Thanks for the win.

    Psionic Blast
    Crystal Vein
    Congestive heart disease
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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

    This is quite possibly the best tourny report I have ever read :D ! Thanks for posting it. It's fun to read about small meta-games, reminds me of being 12 again (in a good way)

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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

    Thanks man! I figured someone would enjoy it.
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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

    Baghdadbob, you are the breast!

    This report is awesome. Hopefully you get your Wastelands soon so I know how your actual list looks like.
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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

    Thanks man. I'll update my list on the MUD forums when I get my stuff back and have tested s'more.
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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

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    Re: Second At Cosmo's Basement

    HAHA quoted.
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