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I have a lot of trouble taking time to write things that seem obvious to me, but I realize that could be a bad thing since not everyone has played the deck for months. Maybe you could tell me what you think will be lacking for a beginner in my primer. Maybe by changing the color of parts of your primer before the thread is locked.
Well, I'm not sure, this is the thread to be locked ;). Mine is written in the style of a generic primer whereas yours is written as an rhetoric argument for the oddities of your own particular list. I'm rather sure, that your placements ins't a result of your list, but rather a sign of the overall strength of the archetype and your skills as a player. Your one-of main deck Leyline should almost speak for itself. If you'd adapt your list to be more capable of hardcasting Dream Halls, they aren't really necessary to begin with.

Also claiming to be the creator of the deck seems kinda misplaced. The Dream Halls archetype which this deck is an evolution from stems from Jonas Harbili and in later years James Hesslip/Ari Lax. Not much has changed from that list if you swap Progenitus/Conflux for Omniscience/Enter the Infinite.

I know this is a discussion we have had before, but I'm still not convinced your mana base is optimal. I even believe remembering seeing you losing a game under the camera during GP Strasbourg brainstorm locking yourself twice fumbling with two or three basics in hand (this could certainly be wrong).

That being said, except for the wasted work writing this primer, it doesn't really matter to me which primer is chosen since my goal of writing it in the first place, was to make a distinct thread for this deck to be discussed in and that goal is now fulfilled. It would also save me a lot of trouble finalizing this primer, when my exams are over with ;).

PS. You don't need to defend your card choices once again since you've already made your opinion pretty clear ("I have no doubt my list is better"). So, let's just agree to disagree on the points I've just brought up :).

PPS. I hope you don't get offended or regard this as a personal attack since you actually seems like a cool guy. I'm a huge fan of odd lists and cool/innovative card choices, but just not claiming them to be set in stone. I also do acknowledge, that you've put a great deal of work into the list. Huge props for that!