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Thread: EDH: Das Rheingold (work in process).

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    EDH: Das Rheingold (work in process).

    Ok, so after deciding on what competitive Legacy deck I will keep, lets solve the second thing why I joined the Source: to find some help with my EDH attempt. I wish to build a bit special highlander, sort of Gold on Rhine or however one may call it. My colors will be GW, but I may use GWR. It should be quite an oldschool and not really powerful/expensive eck, just a pile of all the cards I once liked and that are outdated today.

    Are you willing to help me with few things?

    0) What in your most humble opinion is the most Wagnerian general? So far I came to Tolsimir Wolfblood, although some of the Legends picks are also solid: lets say Ragnar or Torsten Von Ursus, except that they don't do enough.

    1) When building an "oldschool" deck - not really MtG 93/94 oldschool, but still a bit more oldschool than usual - where would you stop? I realized it should use cards from the expansions up to and including:
    a) Alliances. This will be pretty oldschool and as the pre-MIR design (both gameplay and graphic) is quite distinct, the deck's design would be nicely close.
    b) Weatherlight. Although the Mirage block with its African inspiration is truly an opposite to how a deck with a teutonic/norse idea should look like, there are some prety good cards that would improve the deck and that in fact wouldn't even stick up. Yes, Uktabi Orangutan can't be Ragnar's familiar, otoh, cards like MIR fetches, Diamonds, Tariff, Maro are strong and reasonable enough to include.
    c) Exodus. This is the least likely. I played a similar EDH and the number of possibilities increased and thus one aspect of what made this whole idea fun (read: limited resources) was lost. Otoh, I could play lots of pretty powerful cards like Overrun or Cataclysm (note that the latter goes well with my usual Big Creatures And Mass LD obsession), but fact is that once you'll include the two post-Alliances blocks, there won't be enough space for the older cards that make the deck distinct. Also, lots of them are more powerful than flavourful and I wished to keep the deck cheap although it would use a dual or two and few money cards like Mana Crypt. (I got it, it's unsellable, I don't play Vintage, so lets throw it in there and forget that it has any price...)

    2) There's one trouble with the whole idea. Or maybe not a trouble, but an obstacle? I want this deck to be completely in German. Sadly, editions prior to Ice Age are unavailable in German language, and even though I don't fear I'll miss any of the ARN cards, it still discourages me from the whole "project". Also, I see that there are GER Homelands (of which I thought that they do no exist), but it still must be pretty exhaustive work to find German HML staples. (Like that there are sooo many of them...) Also, some cards are simply unavailable in German even if I'd go for FBB 4ED or even Modern-framed reprints. How should I circumvent this?

    3) Which colors? I definitely won't be using the two other colors, as blue brings very little than a price tag, and for the rest of my life I don't plan to play black cards, as every time I draw Terror, Demonic Tutor or w/e, I feel like been caught masturbating. The GW base is set in stone, but should I use the red too? There are some very nice cards in red, like Einäscherung or Blitzschlag, but then again which general should I use? (Note that I don't limit myself to use just an oldschool general, after all, there aren't that many of them.) I'd love to play Tolsimir, so maybe it'll be redless deck.
    But wait! Love and hate, anger and desire, fire and ash, lava and rock... and Jokulhaups? Red's in!

    4) And a final question, targeted mainly at the German members: Yes, I'd be carefully watching both Ebay and MKM, esp. when it comes to "staples", otoh, I'm not willing to bother myself with several dozens of two-cents purchases from some shady net identities. So, is there any good, reliable and cheap online shop with a huge selection of German cards, where I could order the bulk of commons and cheap cards? Fact is that if there'd be anything really good in say Dresden, Nürnberg, Karl-Marx-Stadt or, you know, Bayreuth, I may even consider undergoing a small family trip.



    The list:

    General: Mayael the Anima (alternatively Rith, the Awakener; even more alternatively Palladia-Mors)

    2-3 Forest
    2-3 Mountain
    2-3 Plains
    1-2 Snow-Covered Forest
    1-2 Snow-Covered Mountain
    1-2 Snow-Covered Plains

    Plateau (proxy?)
    Savannah (proxy?)
    Taiga (proxy?)

    An-Havva Township
    City of Brass ("scratches his head")
    Dormant Volcano (Burgundy hill with a hidden army?)
    Flood Plain
    Gemstone Mine
    Glacial Chasm
    Ice Floe
    Jungle Basin (deep teutonic forest full of teutonic Teutons?)
    Karoo (Hardangervidda in late summer full of badly illustrated reindeer?)
    Karplusan Forest
    Kjeldoran Outpost
    Mishra's Factory
    Mountain Valley
    Rocky Tar Pit
    Sheltered Valley (weak, but it's Rhine)
    Strip Mine
    Thawing Glaciers
    Undiscovered Paradise
    Urza's Mine (some kind of dwarven blacksmith?)
    Urza's Power Plant (ditto)
    Urza's Tower(ditto)
    Timberline Ridge (not sure, too weak)
    Veldt (not sure, too weak)

    possible spells:
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    Re: EDH: Das Rheingold (work in process).

    When you say Wagner, i will first recall Valkyrie... Adarkar Valkyrie...

    I know it has only new framing (printed in Ice age, reprinted in Modern Masters), but there is also German version of the card.

    Second is "Der Ring des Nebelunges". Any "ring". Anything that can be part of the gold treasure of the Nebelungs...

    Also as you wish to have only german cards, while old stuff is not available in german i would use even cards with new framings...
    ...the advance of computerisation, however, has not yet wiped out nations and ethnic groups...

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