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I don't think Crop Rotation will help in most scenarios. Your opponent will likely try to hold Assassin's Trophy until after your Dark Depths has the counters removed (i.e., you've already lost your original Depths or your Vampire Hexmage). In response to the Marit Lage trigger they will attempt to destroy your Depths. You could Rotate the zero counter Depths but you were going to get a basic land from the Trophy anyway. If you happen to have another land to Rotate and another two mana, then sure, you could bring in another Stage and copy the Depths but that's a ton of mana and resources.

EDIT: I guess in the above scenario Trophy essentially a Ghost Quarter that you can't stop with Pithing Needle or force into action with your own Ghost Quarter. You can only force it into action with targeted discard.
For this reason I think crucible is going to be a lot more important out of the board, or even main.