Legacy Metagame, 173+ players

Control Decks
23 Miracles
13 Shardless BUG
10 Control Loam
2 or less: 12post, Jeskai Stoneblade, Grixis Control, Esper Stoneblade, NicFit, Jund

Aggro, Tempo and Midrange
13 RUG Delver
9 Aggressive Loam
8 Burn
7 Grixis Delver
6 Merfolk
5 Death and Taxes
4 BUG Delver
3 Robots
3 UR Delver
3 Goblins
2 or less: Moon Stompy, Maverick, BURG Delver, Sliver, Infect

15 Storm
9 Reanimator
7 Elves
6 Sneak & Show
4 Dredge
3 Painter Stone
3 Food Chain Combo
2 or less: Stiflenaught, Enchantress

I will follow up with the Top8 decklists tomorrow.
You can find the live commentary of the featured matches at Youtube Channel of JK Entertainment already.

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