I've made over the years a Magic The Gathering document to remember and to learn everything there is to know about the card game.

I've build the document as an image of the first "Rulebook" that MTG made online. The term Rulebook used by MTG is a little bit misleading as it was really meant to show how to play the game which is different than the Competition Rulebook which has all those technical terms.

Over the years Ive added more contents to that document, contents that I found interesting to know, that needed to be added because of all new mechanics and changes or keeping up to date what was already there.

Ive used high quality pictures and I didnt compress anything as I find this better visually and it lets the user zoom in and still be able to easily read the cards. This is why the document is as big as 200 Megs and is giving a hard time to Microsoft Word even though there arent any corruptions in the document.

So as for the Extra contents, here are some topics of interest:

- Ever wonder how to name your deck?

- What are the Archetypes?

- What are the most known formats, sanctioned and unsanctioned? The differences and similarities between them?

- What are the Variant of the game, the challenge decks and more?

- The definition and list of all the Ability Words, Keyword Abilities, Keyword Actions, and other terms related to MTG?

- What are the Sets that has been release so far?

- Banned and Restricted?

Of course you could do like me and search all over the internet in post, forums, topics and on WOTC website..but why bother when they are all here and up to date as of 2016-10-06

The document offers now a backend on how the MTG Universe could work. WOTC has over the year release books and stories, background information on cards and rumors about details on the Multiverse of MTG.

Unfortunately, they've left also lots of void as the game has always been base on the card game, not a Universe mechanics. From the usage of my own knowledge from reading books and searching the web for additional information, Ive made a mechanism on how I could see the MTG Multiverse work.

Here is the download link to the document:


Enjoy and feel free to leave comments and advise if there's something wrong in the document