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Thread: [Podcast] - The Salt Mine Episode 7, FT Dice_Box

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    Re: [Podcast] - The Salt Mine Episode 7, FT Dice_Box

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    Great podcast - glad someone is filling in the holes for The Brainstorm Show since one of their members has been hiking the Alps for the past month.

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    Re: [Podcast] - The Salt Mine Episode 7, FT Dice_Box

    Really good discussion, it's interesting to see how people feel about it. My main arguments were very much in line with Julian's; that Legacy is a part of Magic and I think it's pretty lame to pretend otherwise.

    As for the comparison to the Brainstorm Show, that is high praise indeed.
    I personally see us as the Australian analogue to Tusk Talk: a bunch of salty bogans talking shit with Legacy as the main focus - bogan being the Australian analogue to redneck.
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    Dat 1/1 with built in pump. Watch out Griselbrand here comes lizard mid range.
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    Is this a troll or are gobbos really dtb?

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    Re: [Podcast] - The Salt Mine Episode 7, FT Dice_Box

    I would argue that Vintage is a part of Magic too without any of the support Legacy has. It's still a part. I know that to some, power is a myth, Vintage is a format they will never see played in their life and a Mox is something that Affinity bastard uses to get a turn ahead of you. There are also people who feel that way about Legacy.

    We see Legacy differently to Vintage because we are invested in it, but from Wizards pov they could be interchangeable. They are going to get little in the way of product bought by the player base of these formats, there is the reserve list stopping them from printing the formats heavy hitters and to many playing Standard, 3k for a deck and 18k for a deck might as well be interchangeable. They can't afford either.

    We are the haves in a have and have not environment. We see things our way. But we have known this is coming for years. That list is going to choke us but that's also the choice we all made and accepted when we picked up this format.
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    Fuck. Which one of my quotes do I drop for this?
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