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Thread: Legacy Classic - Old card frame only; Legacy ban list

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    Legacy Classic - Old card frame only; Legacy ban list

    I played a lot of Extended and Legacy between 1999 and 2003. Really liked those old archetypes such as Goblins, Landstill, The Rock, Madness, Astral Slide, Psychatog, Survival Advantage, Pox, Suicide Black. I built a few of those decks and am looking for others who also feel nostalgic for the old cards before Brainstorm became busted or DRS, Delver, and TNN were printed. Some old deck lists can still be found on or in other magic archives. Reply here or send me a message and we can play a few games on xmage!

    For starters, I suggest to stick to the current Legacy ban list and all cards that are printed in the frame of 1993-2003. I wouldn't mind including Survival, Oath of Druids, Mind Twist as well.

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    Re: Legacy Classic - Old card frame only; Legacy ban list

    So this might actually become a thing. Only cards from '95 to 2003 w/o special sets like Portal. The suggested format has it's own ban list which also includes Brainstorm and Force so it differs more from Legacy and you get to play Accu and Impulse. Joel Larsson wrote a few words about the format a couple of moths ago. Even though no new cards will be added to the format, I think it has a high potential just as Oldschool due to the nostalgia flair. Plus investment costs are low compared to Legacy...
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    Re: Legacy Classic - Old card frame only; Legacy ban list

    That was my favorite era of Magic. This preModern format is a nice substitute but doesn’t really do it for me. When I reminisce about old extended, Force of Will and the Dual Lands are a huge part. I can get behind a format without duals, that sounds great for those that don’t have them and are nostalgic for this era of magic, I would just prefer a different ban list. Maybe even a restricted list just so you could play all the cards you once loved.

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