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    Yakisoba Noodles

    UB Ninja Tell

    So... the goal of this deck is to use Omniscience, 2x Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to take infinite turns until your opponent concedes, using Brainstorm you can make sure Yuriko only hits for 1 by floating lands and Lotus Petal.


    3x Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow
    3x Griselbrand
    3x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    3x Baleful Strix
    1x Snapcaster Mage
    4x Brainstorm
    4x Ponder
    1x Intuition
    1x Cunning Wish
    1x Flusterstorm
    1x Spell Pierce
    4x Force of Will
    4x Show and Tell
    3x Omniscience
    3x Lotus Petal
    3x Ancient Tomb
    2x City of Traitors
    3x Island
    2x Swamp
    3x Underground Sea
    4x Polluted Delta
    3x Flooded Strand


    1x Fatal Push
    1x Dismember
    2x Thoughtseize
    2x Defense Grid
    1x Pithing Needle
    1x Echoing Truth
    1x Flusterstorm
    1x Intuition
    1x Marsh Casualties
    1x Surgical Extraction
    1x Trickbind
    2x Dread of Night

    So... I haven't playtested this at all... I just think it would be funny. With 2 Yuriko's, you can Annihilator trigger, and then hold priority returning Yuriko and Emrakul to hand, then! You can Emrakul and take an extra turn... and do it again. Sure... you can just hit your opponent with Emrakul and end the game quickly, but having the game, but being merciful to your opponent...

    As long as Yuriko is in play, you don't even have to show and tell since you have so much big stuff to reveal. If anyone actually tries it let me know lol.
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    Re: Yakisoba Noodles

    Ive been brewing something similar. I must admit the slow death tactics never ocurred to me, ive been all about revealing high cmc spells.

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    Re: Yakisoba Noodles

    I think shifting the mana base and taking out a few cards for 3-4 erratic explosives might be useful for sudden burst damage with its ability being similar to yuriko’s life loss ability. Though it does has several disadvantages 1. It is off color. 2. It is instant rather than sorcery so you can’t say surprise a storm player who just used ad nauseam. 3 it requires either setup or luck to not just be card and tempo disadvantage. But it it does have some pros. 1 it has a similar game plan yurikos life loss. 2 the deck has many high cmc cards and deck manipulation spells.

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