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    [deck] Suicide Red

    I have never played Vintage, but I decided to build a deck, just in case I would get an opportunity.

    Idea: Temur Battle Rage and Immolating Souleater are cheap commons, but with Vintage potential: the first is red Berserk and the second is artifact creature with built-in Hatred. With Simian Spirit Guide they create 2nd turn kill.

    20 Mountain
    1 Ghitu Encampment
    4 Simian Spirit Guide

    4 Inner-Flame Acolyte
    4 Immolating Souleater
    4 Temur Battle Rage
    2 Assault Strobe

    4 Bloodfire Dwarf
    3 Dwarven Berserker
    1 Dwarven Warriors
    4 Dwarven Bloodboiler

    4 Lightning Bolt
    2 Crackling Club
    2 Skullclamp
    1 Shivan Harvest

    1 Gorilla Shaman
    3 Duergar Hedge-Mage
    3 Thran Foundry
    1 Onslaught
    1 Spawning Pit
    4 Red Elemental Blast
    2 Flaring Pain

    This deck can (on paper) kill T1 (land, exile 3 SSG, Souleater, evoke IFA, Assault Strobe, attack, pay 14 life, win) and although it in reality never happens, T2-T3 kills are quite common. For mid-game there is dwarven shell with Bloodboilers to kill without Souleater.

    I tested it in Forge vs AI playing preconstructed Vintage archetypes. Well, I must say, it is different experience than Legacy or Modern: kill ASAP or die. Ridiculous things happen quickly: Oath, SnT, NO, Craterhoof, Progenitus, Griselbrand, Belcher, Emrakul, and although (at least against AI) I win more, games are mostly uninteractive. Nevertheless, Vintage has a thrill.

    -4 Spark Mage, +4 Bloodfire Dwarf, -1 Fling, +1 Goblin Bombardment

    Edit 2:
    -4 Dwarven Blastminer, +4 Dwarven Berserker, -1 Goblin Bombardment, +1 Shivan Harvest
    Still messing around and trying. Blastminers - nice ability, but slow and useless in combat. Berserkers can attack in more situations.

    Edit 3:
    Created provisional SB. Still considering playing without SB, sideboarding dilutes own strategy.

    Edit 4: -1 Dwarven Berserker, +1 IFA, changes in SB (Revokers aren't available for this deck at the moment). DB alone does next to nothing, 12 dwarves may be enough.

    Edit 5: -2 Fling, +2 Crackling Club. Flings were too risky, Dwarven Berserkers need steroids and a little more board control.
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