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Thread: Source Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Deck

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    Source Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Deck

    What a six months it has been. Shortcake was easily a deck to beat after War of the Spark was released. Arcanist was the hot new tech, there were a lot of new powerful planeswalkers, and terminus was nowhere to be seen. Slow blue decks were starting to come back in vogue with Narset and Teferi, meaning Painterís stock was only rising. Lightning bolt was a huge meta call for itís ability to fight on multiple axes postboard. Then Modern Horizons came out and warped everything. We all know that Wrenn & Six was busted enough to be banned, but the way it shaped the metagame really messed with Painter. Goyf was once again relevant, since giant green creatures were the only ones cheap and big enough to swing into Wrenns. Grixis and Bug Fatal Push decks couldnít keep up with W6 advantage. Our Goblin Welders never lived, and sideboard Ancient Grudges are no joke. Astrolabe also played its own role in lessening the reliance on dual lands and land hate. Itís an interesting card, probably weird enough that it might get banned but probably not, as it will indirectly help budget players but it also doesnít really do anything. Sure itís a cantrip, but I donít think I will be able to test Astrolabes in Shortcake because then I couldnít run dope mountains. Either way, I played in three GP Atlanta Legacy events and then Eternal Weekend to middling records, losing close matches to Rug Delver in each. After facing Rug at Eternal Weekend and losing to an Oko at 40 loyalty because my opponent didnít know you could Elk opponentsí artifacts, I knew the deck had to change. I spent the next couple weeks just theory crafting lists, wondering if it was time to bring back Rest in Peace to the board, maybe even with a Helm in the sideboard for Karn to grab. The entire deck would have had to be reworked to combat Rug, but fortunately we were all saved on November 18. Just in time for the holidays, I started paying more attention to tournament results and thinking about where the list needed to go. A couple leagues later and I settled on this:

    Strawberry Shortcake

    4 Ancient Tomb
    3 City of Traitors
    2 Plateau
    1 Great Furnace
    2 Wooded Foothills
    3 Bloodstained Mire
    4 Mountain

    4 Lotus Petal
    1 Simian Spirit Guide
    1 Lionís Eye Diamond

    4 Imperial Recruiter
    4 Painterís Servant
    3 Goblin Welder
    3 Goblin Engineer
    1 Goblin Cratermaker
    1 Ethersworn Canonist

    4 Pyroblast
    1 Red Elemental Blast

    3 Grindstone
    1 Ensnaring Bridge
    1 Blood Moon

    3 Enlightened Tutor
    3 Smugglerís Copter
    3 Karn, the Great Creator


    1 Grindstone
    1 Mycosynth Lattice
    2 Tormodís Crypt
    2 Surgical Extraction
    1 Pithing Needle
    1 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Ensnaring Bridge
    2 Red Elemental Blast
    4 Lightning Bolt

    Gotta love Shortcake. More or less the same list since May, but somehow with room for three Engineers. The shift towards Blue midrange again allowed me to make a couple of tiny changes which have really improved the feel of the deck again. First off was dropping the land count back down to 19 from 20. I tried the 5th mountain in an attempt to counter Wrenn-waste lock, but every time Iíve gone above 19 the deck floods and just feels off. Same thing with having the 4th Painterís Servant in the board. I wasnít starting enough games with a Painter in hand or top decking for the win. Engineer also messes with the numbers if you choose to entomb one. I dropped a Karn to squeeze Painter back main, which I think aligns with the decks goals more. We arenít trying to turbo lattice like bomberman, and we donít have the fat mana like a post deck to dedicate sideboard slots to things like Wurmcoil. Karn is just a top-end bomb to follow up early game goblin value. The last change was to find room for the 3rd Goblin Engineer, at the expense of the 6th blast. He is too good in too many of the unfair matchups to run the two I was on. You can keep solo Engineer hands against Sneak or Storm in a bind, getting Canonist or Engineer, or a sided in Crypt. Running 6 goblins also makes Copter a ridiculous value engine, and there are numerous times you can save a mana by pitching combo pieces.

    The only problem now is there are barely any flex spots. I want to mess around with a single copy of Underworld Breach to late game tutor for, but that might have to wait a while as this list feels really strong and consistent. For the board, having the 2 extra blasts helps the miracles and oko matchups. Iíve almost always run 6+ blasts maindeck, but there are enough good cards now that dropping is okay, and you still face non-blue stuff like Dnt and Elves enough where itís probably safe. Beyond that, everything else is pretty much unchanged.

    Sunday after Christmas, I figured the Legacy challenge would be stacked. I could always 0-2 drop and just watch week 17 anyways, so I registered and waited til 11am before we were off.

    12/29/19 Legacy Challenge

    Round 1 vs mso1235 - GB Depths

    Game 1: 2x Mountain, City, Copter, Tutor Karn, pyro on the play. I am met by Bayou -> Duress. So either Depths or ANT? I play copter and am met by an Elvish Recaimer. I jam Karn and plus on copter to attack and loot. A turn later I wish for lattice to lock it.

    side: -1 Canonist, +1 Needle

    Game 2: I have a decent hand but nothing like Once upon a Time into Urborg and Duress, follow up turn two Dark Depths Hexmage.

    Game 3: Tomb, City, Plateau, Petal, Welder, Stone, Painter. Pretty nice. I jam out both Painter on white and Grindstone turn 1 to dodge Duress and threaten turn 2. Once upon a Time gets a Dark Depths, and I lose my tomb to wasteland. I just play a land and Welder. Bayou into Thoughtseize doesnít do anything, I drop City and wait until his upkeep to activate.


    I think this matchup comes down to Mox Diamond. If they have one, Blood Moon is essentially a dead card and actively bad. You'll really need the Karn to counter. You can maybe sneak a moon other times, but the presence of hexmage is weird with Karn too. They line up better against our deck with discard, but fortunately goblins give us a lot of game.

    Round 2 vs s063 - 4c Miracles

    Game 1: Mountain, Furnace, Welder, Painter, Pyroblast, Canonist on the mull but also on the play. My welder quickly eats a swords while I draw running land and Recruiter and go fetch up a second Painter. You can enter interesting subgames using Recruiter where you have an unknown copy still in your hand as you let them deal with the known one. Luckily my opponent was just durdling around with astrolabes and an Ice Coatl for a while, but my second painter is answered by snapcaster swords. I stick a Karn with blast backup and grab an exiled Painter, and see a Jace get played and Karn get hit to 1. I follow up with Canonist and Painter on white for defense and uptick. Canonist gets bounced, but nothing else happens. I use Karn to wish for Grindstone starting a huge counterwar. I end up losing it to a Veil of Summer. I play out Canonist to brick any snapcasters and pass. His Jace brainstorm only finds a mentor, and I take it with an upkeep E-tutor for another stone.

    side: -4 Petal, -1 LED, -2 Tutor, -1 Moon, -1 Bridge, +2 Blast, +4 Bolt, +2 Surgical, +1 Canonist

    Game 2: Mountain, City, Tutor, Canonist, Bolt, Engineer, Painter. I rip a grindstone and play it. Turn 2 a Rest in Peace hits the field. I just play Painter off City and counter turn 3 Oko.


    These new bant miracle lists feel a lot easier to beat mainly because of how slow they are. Oko can be answered within a couple turns pretty safely. Maybe its just Karn's presence and how much he warps the matchup. Not having to worry about swords to plowshares and surgical is huge. Taking out all the fast mana and tutors really helps the grind postboard too. Essentially going a tanky mono-red type build with canonist support.

    Round 3 vs swayjisse - GB Depths

    Game 1: I lose my first roll and mull a hand I probably would keep before London. 2x Land, Tomb, 2x Petal, 2x Recruiter. I end up keeping Canonist, Mountain, Fetch, Tomb, LED, Painter. I get thoughtseized off an Urborg + petal, taking Painter. I drop a land, and their turn 2 is a Hexmage and Pithing Needle on Grindstone. I draw a Petal of my own, and Recruiter out a Goblin Welder. I dodge Dark Depths for another turn and play Canonist and a topdecked Smugglerís Copter. My luck runs out and Depths is topdecked. They swing in with Hexmage, so I block crewing Copter. Marit Lage gets made, but I can still play D. I end step weld out Needle for Lotus Petal giving me live draws to stone as well. I draw Painter and play it out on white and pass. Iím put in a weird spot the following turn though, as a Sejiri Step is played giving pro-white. I have to weld out for the other Painter and name blue so I can block with the Copter and lose it. I topdeck Goblin Engineer, entomb a stone, weld it back in for the Canonist and finish it off with LED.

    side: same

    Game 2: I keep 2x Plateau, Fetch, Stone, Monkey, Recruiter, and a Bridge that gets Thoughtseized. I draw e-tutor, and use it in response to a Duress taking stone to go find Blood Moon for my turn 2. Pithing Needle on Goblin Welder is the follow up, which I answer with Recruiter for Goblin Engineer. Iím feeling pretty good, knowing only Force of Vigor can really wreck me. Off the top though comes the dreaded basic Forest and a crop rotation for swamp. Next turn Depths comes into play, and Lage gets made with an Abrupt Decay on Blood Moon. Reversed just like that.

    Game 3: Fetch, Tomb, Petal, Engineer, Stone, Blast, Karn. I start with Tomb and petal to play out Grindstone and Engineer entombing Painter. If I draw another fast mana I can turn two. Once Upon a Time finds Urborg, and a Thoughtseize takes Karn. I draw Recruiter, and use him to get Simian Spirit Guide to guarantee 4 mana next turn. He plays a fetch and Duress for my Pyroblast. I draw E-tutor on my turn and start thinking. I figure they have 5 cards in hand but only the fetch. I figure I donít have to worry about Decay if I wait until their upkeep to do it as that probably would have been cast over Duress. I wait for upkeep to play around Force and make them have the crop rotation thatís being represented and go for it. Turns out I was wrong on all fronts. Crop rotation finds bog, and a sneaky elvish spirit makes use of floating mana to decay engineer too. I start going Recruiter beats, while a Hexmage starts cracking back. I use the e-tutor in my hand to go find Blood Moon even though they already have both basics to stop potential Depths. A second Recruiter joins the party and grabs Engineer, and I get in for another two putting them at 11. Hexmage bashes me to 7 and a needle names engineer. I draw a grindstone and bash with the crew down to 8. Hexmage puts me at 5, which I even up with an attack of my own. He finally stops swinging, while I draw Karn for my turn. I could grab Painter and play it next turn and try to win with Grindstone, but that only puts him to 3 this turn and costs me a guy. I decide to plus and make stone a 1/1 and swing with everything. He goes to 2 and plays a petal trying to cast a second hexmage, but Karn turns off artifacts like a boss. He hexmages Karn and casts the other hexmage. Engineer gets blocked but the two Recruiters get there for lethal.


    Round 4 vs AnarchistAbe - Ape and Chimp

    Game 1: On the play I mull into Fetch, Tomb, Canonist, Moon, Blast, Engineer. I play fetch, and see a tarn find a snow-island into Preordain. I couldnít remember if Miracles still played Tarn anymore so I mostly thought it could be some bootleg snow ANT deck or just Show and Tell gaining fat percentages. I draw Ensnaring Bridge. I play Canonist in case itís actually ANT and it gets Forced, answering that question. Turn 2 sees Ancient Tomb -> Show and Tell -> Griselbrand -> Ensnaring Bridge -> Scoop

    side: -3 stone, -1 LED, -1 Moon, -3 Copter, +2 Blast, +2 Surgical +1 Needle, +1 Canonist, +2 Bolt

    Game 2: Tomb, Monkey, Cratermaker, Recruiter, Karn, Painter, Blast. Karn has made this matchup so much better on his own. Youíre now able to side out all the grindstones, and only wish for it when youíre ready. Trop into Ponder, so I expect some combination of Oko, Veil, or Eureka even. I open on Painter on Blue with Monkey+Blast ready. Itís a weird play since I have cratermaker also and it would turn on all Forces, opposing blasts, and veils, but you never know when youíll get randomly destroyed by sneak attack so I decided to protect against that. Instead they play Arcane Artisan, which I kill with a freshly drawn blast #2. Nothing else really happens. I recruit up Canonist for the soft lock and beat down.


    Round 5 vs Snapcaster-Bolt Ė Bug Gaak

    Game 1: On the play I mull into Mountain, Tomb, Welder, Blast, Recruiter, Karn. I start with a Welder seeing Misty, and casually draw Grindstone. Play tomb and Recruit up Painter. They finally reveal with a Crab and Therapy on Painter. Seeing stone though theyíre forced to flashback to prevent the kill. I rip a second tomb and jam Karn, grabbing Tormodís Crypt. I wipe the yard, block a bridge zombie with Recruiter, and next turn wish for Grindstone, weld for Painter.

    side: -3 Copter, -1 Canonist, -1 Moon, +2 Surgical, +1 Crypt, +2 Blast

    Game 2: I mull into Fetch, City, Grindstone, Painter, Petal, Blast. Crab, go. I draw a second petal and play out both pieces with blast protection. Not too shabby. I activate on my next turn, not needing the blast.


    Round 6 vs Bryant_Cook - TES

    Game 1: I know this will be storm so I mull and keep Plateau, Petal, Welder, Engineer, Painter, Canonist. Just gotta dodge the turn 1. Bryant plays a bunch of rocks and wishclaw talisman. I get really lucky and chrome mox exiles the one chain of vapor. I play Canonist, and my draws are City and Blast, which is enough.

    side: -3 Copter, -1 Moon, -1 Bridge, -1 Cratermaker, +2 Blast, +2 Surgical, +1 Canonist, +1 Needle

    Game 2: I keep Fetch, Tomb, Stone, Painter, Blast, Tutor, Engineer. Pretty sick hand, except that it gets echoed away into 2x Tomb, 2x Petal, Monkey, Blast, Karn. Another really insane hand for the matchup. I donít die to the new echo hand, and power out turn 1 Karn. I figured the Monkey Blast would be extremely disguised too for any bounce spells with no red lands at all either. Bryant rituals up for a value Ad Nauseum and passes. Wish, Bayou, Chain, 2x Dark Rit, Rite of Flame, X. I draw a Surgical and wish for grindstone and try to mill and hit a Burning Wish to potentially end the game. I miss, and take all the dark rituals. I debated the rite of flame for double red grapeshot, but was too worried about already being at 12 and dying to tendrils. The one unknown card left from the echo hand is a Crash which catches me off guard, so when Bryant starts going off the next turn I wait until all the lands are sacíd to chain of vapor first before blasting so that crash is offline again. I blast the final chain of vapor copy targeting Karn. Bryant has to Burning Wish for grapeshot to kill Karn and unlock his artifacts for a yolo no mana floating echo and gets there.

    Game 3: Stone, Painter, Canonist, Recruiter, Tutor, Surgical, City. Keep and pray I can turn 2 or play Canonist. I donít draw a land and just cast grindstone, and Bryant end step bounces my Painter with Chain, before dropping a Wishclaw Talisman. I draw an Ancient Tomb, and just recast Painter. Bryant Wishclaws and goes off, Crashing my Painter along the way, ending with a Burning Wish into Empty the Warrens for 12. I get to untap, but also with Wishclaw. I draw a City and have to use Wishclaw to find another Painter, trying to win next turn. I know Iíll have to dodge the last wish counter, so I surgical the Chain of Vapor taking the other out, making it so Bryant had to draw any non opal source to go grab echoing truth. A rite of flame off the top takes it home. Absolutely crazy games.



    Based on breakers at this point I think the last round is still a win and in, with the possibility of sneaking into 8th depending on what happens. Remember there isnít any option to draw, so late rounds get pretty insane.

    Round 7 vs SaltyHealer Ė 4c Loam

    Game 1: I win the roll but mulligan twice. I keep Mountain, Tomb, LED, Welder, Painter. Itís a sneaky 5 that could do some damage with the right breaks, but Iím quickly dusted by a Mox Diamond opening Decay killing welder, turn 2 Liliana for my 1st Engineer and a Wasteland + Decay for a 2nd engineer on turn 3.

    side: ?

    Game 2: Fetch, Tomb, City, Stone, Painter, Cratermaker, Bridge. I debate with myself if I want to try and go for the turn 2. The issue is that you could drop Tomb and Painter, but then a chalice on 1 locks you from basically your only plan, and then Cratermaker is turned off and canít shoot chalice. I decide to lead on Fetch playing stone. He plays chalice on 0, and I draw a blast and play out Painter. I can beat anything but Decay, which he has. From there I kill a follow up chalice on 1 with cratermaker, but a sylvan library, bob and timely assassinís trophy on my last attempt to combo grind me down. Probably should have just gone for the turn 2 huh.


    9th Place

    After losing I was pretty confident that I would finish 9th. Small chance of sneaking in, but after results started coming in I knew my chances were dwindling. I do in fact end in 9th, second among the 5-2 crowd. I also think this was my first 9th place finish in a tournament ever, as Iíve usually somehow been lucky enough to scumbag my way in on breakers to the last two spots.

    Felt pretty good New Years Week with where Shortcake was positioned heading into 2020, so much so that I was ready to build upon the last challengeís 5-0 start and crush the next one. Same plan, I can always 0-2 drop and watch Wild Card weekend. Don't feel the need to change anything with the list, so another 100ish players register and again weíre off.

    1/5/20 Legacy Challenge

    Round 1 vs Kevslinger Ė Elves

    Game 1: I lose the roll keeping Mountain, Fetch, Petal, Stone, Engineer, Blast, Copter. Forest into Green Sun for Arbor. Okay so Elves. I draw a City. City + Petal into Stone + Engineer entomb Painter still doesnít get there turn 2, so I just drop stone and pass. A turn 2 cradle for another Green Sun (same one?) gets a Rec Sage for my grindstone. I play Engineer and find Painter to the yard, so Iím still two more turns away from comboing. A Scooze nullifies all those plans and immediately eats both pieces. I rip a Recruiter off the top and search up another Painter. I fade another draw step and my next draw is another Grindstone, what perfect timing. I play Painter and stone out, with a blast giving me peace of mind until I can untap.

    side: -1 Moon, -1 Bridge, -3 Copter, +4 Bolt, +1 Canonist

    Game 2: Fetch, City, Petal, LED, Recruiter, Tutor, Painter. He starts on Green Sun -> Arbor again while I just play my fetch. His turn two is an Elvish Visionary and Wirewood Symbiote. I end step tutor for Grindstone, and figure if he has the Force of Vigor he has it, and I donít want to wait until upkeep for a Decay. I put my nuts on the table and there isnít a hammer.


    Round 2 vs MichalMusial Ė Okoluren

    Game 1: Fetch, Tomb, Petal, Stone, Engineer, Recruiter, Karn. Delta, go. I draw a blast and play land, petal, grindstone to which he gets a trop and brainstorms and Forces pitching Ponder. Iím thinking Bug/Rug Delver or some snow variant. Turn 2 Underground Sea and Sylvan Library, and I wonder if Iím back in 2014 and facing Shardless Bug. I match library with a Recruiter and get Painter. His turn 3 is three cantrips. And top was the issue. I play out Painter and Engineer, still able to hold up blast. His turn 4 is an Oko, and I just have the feeling that he doesnít know how Oko and Painter work so I let it resolve and hope he doesnít target Engineer. I figured Karn backup for the sideboard stone was enough to let me try and be greedy. It pays off. Painter becomes an Elk. I go to my turn, blast his fetch, and in response to it I engineer back grindstone and activate. I get to see the deck too, and see all the Alurens and other goodies.

    side: -1 Moon, -1 Bridge, -3 Copter, -1 Cratermaker, -1 Petal, +4 Bolt, +2 Blast, +1 Canonist

    Game 2: Mountain, Plateau, 2x Tomb, Petal, Bolt, Stone. I continue the trend from game 1 and keep this greedy hand hoping for a tutor. Iím punished when my next 5 draws are two lands and three blasts. I use one on a brainstorm to hopefully buy time. Iím just getting beat down by an Ice Coatl and Shardless Agent so Iím still pretty good. I get a Canonist off the top which severely slows down the game and lets me counter consecutive Okos. Pretty nice when your counterspells also end the turn. Still, my next two draws are another lightning bolt and a 4th blast. I have to start killing these agents so I bolt one and get hit to 5. Finally I get a recruiter and find Painter. I want to wait a turn so I have blast active. I go to 4, and cast Painter. It resolves, so now itís a game of he canít cast spells or else I just activate. I wait til the last second, using another Recruiter to get a backup Painter so I donít lose to Decay. I pass to his upkeep and activate, going to 1. He veils in response, which I can blast for the win.


    After losing, he messages me crying about how unskilled I was in that match. I donít even bother arguing, since his play clearly showed he had no idea what was going on. He ends our nice discussion saying there is no skill to my deck and that karma will catch meÖ

    Round 3 vs Kihara_Works Ė OG Miracles

    Game 1: Mountain, Fetch, Tomb, Copter, Recruiter, Moon, Karn. My turn 1 copter and turn 2 moon both get spell pierced, clearing the way for my Recruiter getting Painter. Counterbalance. This card was supposed to be fucking dead. I was so relieved when this card was buried in the dirt. Karn resolves through a brainstorm, and gets me Grindstone. He just passes with 5 mana up and 3 cards left, knowing the top 1 still. I bait with a Petal and it gets through. I decide to test the two mana waters first and wish for Canonist, and that gets through too. I finish off my turn with another Recruiter getting another Painter, giving me two copies of each in my hand. The known card turns out to be Terminus, so this is straight up old Miracles. With no white mana, I just jam out my combo. Balance reveals Jace and there isnít any countermagic.

    side: same

    Game 2: Mountain, Plateau, Blast, Tutor, Cratermaker, Engineer, Recruiter. With counterbalance around, Iím content to just drop lands and hold up blasts. I play a welder, and a next turn grindstone gets spell pierced. He wants me to either blast it or tap out to probably play Jace. I decide that the card gained is more worth it and pay, so he snapcasters for the pierce and counters stone that way. What a sick trade. He drops Jace and gets a brainstorm before I kill it. My hand is just too stacked at this point and he has to waste too many removal spells on Goblins to be able to keep up.


    Definitely a little shook seeing this version pop back up. Having to worry about Counterbalance gaining them 2+ cards in advantage plus random terminus sweeps is pretty hard to play around, especially since we can't float creatures with top.

    Round 4 vs Doomwake Ė 4c Loam

    Game 1: On the play and keep 2x Mountain, Petal, Stone, Copter, Cratermaker, Blast. Stone, go. He has a better turn 1 with Once Upon a Time for Wasteland into Mox Diamond and Bob. I kill it with Cratermaker, but he follows up with a Sylvan Library that instantly draws two cards. A scooze comes down, and I try to win through copter beats but thereís a decay. I topdeck a Painter and am somehow in it, but the final card is a second decay for my grindstone. I blast library hoping to stay in it, but Scooze is too big, a Bob joins the party, and a third Abrupt Decay kills my Blood Moon and unlocks Punishing Fire plus Grove.

    side: -1 Canonist, -2 Tutor, -1 Petal, +4 Bolt

    Game 2: 2x Fetch, Furnace, City, 2x Bolt, Recruiter. Type of hand that is either perfect or horrible. I play fetch and pass, while he has the patented Mox Diamond into Bob, who eats a bolt end step. I draw Grindstone and play it, while he drops Bob #2, which gets acquainted with Bolt #2. I draw Karn, and play Recruiter finding Painter. Furnace eats a Wasteland, while I draw a blast and cast Painter, but he has a Decay for grindstone in response. His turn consists of a Chalice on 1 and I know itís over. Karn comes down and eats Chalice and shuts off the mox. I wish for the side stone the next turn and kaboom.

    Game 3: I mull and keep Tomb, City, Petal, Grindstone, Recruiter, Bolt. 3rd game in a row Mox Diamond and Bob. I play tomb and petal, casting both stone and bolt. I rip a wooded foothills off the top and use Recruiter to find Painter. He plays Scooze and the last card in his hand, a fetch. I just play City and activate for the win.


    I get messaged right after the game saying he didnít fully understand how badly chalice destroys me and that game 2 would have been a bloodbath had he played it out on turn 1. I say I would have played Karn earlier and Chalice doesnít do as much anymore, but yea the game would have been different had he played differently. To that Iím told he just doesnít like losing to bad decks and that heíll play me heads up for any amount and that he is praying to be able to play me in top 8.

    Round 5 vs P4UM - Grixis Delver

    Game 1: On the play I keep Fetch, Tomb, 2x Petal, Stone, Blast, Cratermaker. This was a weird game. I play stone, and he plays Volcanic into Ponder. I instantly think Sneak and Show, probably because I feel like I run into the matchup so much, especially in these events. I blind rip Painter off the top and cast it, but am so zoned in on sneak now that I donít play the other petal to go in and activate thinking ill just get blown out by something I have the blast for. His turn is spent by a Preordain, while I untap and pass back. During his upkeep I figure I should actually check, and activate. He bolts in response, I blast, and that somehow gets there. Yea not really sure Iím supposed to win after that.

    Game 2: 2x Fetch, City, Welder, Canonist, Bolt, Blast. He has a slow hand and I can safely develop my board and answer arcanists. Nothing too special


    Round 6 vs harakasu - Infect

    Game 1: Mountain, Fetch, Painter, Cratermaker, Furnace, Blast, Recruiter. We start out with a Noble Hierarch and a Cratermaker, before an Inkmoth and Glistener Elf come down too. I drop Painter with blast backup to play defense and trade glistener for crater when it attacks. I Recruiter next turn for Engineer to entomb stone and thatís enough for the scoop.

    Game 2: 3x Fetch, Mountain, Welder, Recruiter, Bolt. Probably just good enough while being up a game? Replay crashed so I guess I just got ran over in usual infect fashion.

    Game 3: Fetch, 2x City, Tutor, Blast, 2x Bolt. Same thing here, no replay. I want to say the game went a couple turns before getting wrecked by double invig plus daze but who knows. This is definitely my hardest matchup, infect always seems to have my number.


    Round 7 vs UnderwaterBimbo Ė UB Fliers

    Game 1: I keep a one lander with double painter double blast and engineer. I draw moon and get bailed out turn 2 with a City. He drops a vantress gargoyle and starts milling and doing usual blue turns of just cantripping. I also see drown in the loch, brazen borrower, delver, and the other usual blue suite. I quickly get beat down.

    Game 2: Tomb, City, Stone, Painter, 2x Recruiter, Bolt. Quick yolo win

    Game 3: Fetch, 2x Blast, Recruiter, Engineer, Copter, Painter. I keep thinking the blasts will buy a lot of time and ensnaring bridge is a pretty huge lock against this deck. The game goes long and bridge sticks long enough to cobble together a combo attempt.


    I spend my time relaxing knowing I'm safely in top 8. I start paying more attention to standings and results and see that Doomwake might get his rematch. The final match comes in and what do you know

    Top 8 vs Doomwakeís Revenge Ė 4c Loam

    Game 1: Mountain, Tomb, Petal, Crakermaker, Blast, Copter, Karn. I start with Copter while he Once Upon a times into Mox Diamond and Chalice on 1. I draw City, and play out Karn to kill the chalice and rod the mox diamond. I rip LED, play out cratermaker for random defense, and wish for lattice to lock it up. Too easy.

    Game 2: Bugged replay sadly but this game is crazy and goes really long. Iím stuck on two mountains the whole game while getting buried by a Sylvan Library, but I have Welders and Engineers to crew Copter to start getting the beats in. All of a sudden even though I havenít done anything heís at 7. But back to back Knight of the Reliquarys are threatening to end it the next turn. I manage to swing in with Copter again sending him to 4. I tap out for a Goblin Engineer to try and block, and he goes into the tank before telling me it took him a while to figure out Knight lines with me at 11. After a few minutes the riddle is solved, and endstep uses a Knight to grab wasteland. Untap and the time of reckoning has come. Both Knights come crashing in and I block one, and he uses Maze to untap that knight to get another wasteland. After killing all his lands, he finishes it with a last fetch to grow the unblocked Knight to lethal.


    Last two cards


    You canít script it better. The postgame chat is of course pure gold. Just incredulous at how one can be so lucky. And with such a bad deck too.

    Top 4 vs ScavengingBooze Ė Bug Gaak

    Game 1: Mountain, Fetch, Tomb, 2x Recruiter, LED. He starts with a therapy for Brainstorm, while I draw an Engineer and drop land and the diamond and pass. A misty comes down for a Dryad Arbor and flashes back therapy. I guess itíd be for the Recruiters regardless but I donít take a chance and tutor for Blood Moon. I drop it next turn and get the scoop

    Game 2: Fetch, Tomb, 2x Recruiter, Cratermaker, Blast, Painter. Iím expecting some kind of Nic Fit deck but get blown out by graveyard nonsense.

    Game 3: 2x Mountain, Tomb, Painter, Welder, Blast, Monkey. Pretty solid early game control with a lot of bomb draws. The replay on this one is bugged also, but I'm pretty sure I lucksacked out of it by top decking a welder and being able to weld combo over two turns before getting smashed down by vengevines and zombies.

    Finals vs Kihara_Works Ė OG Miracles

    It always was destined to come back to this. Miracles. The true build too. The one that caused Top to be banned.

    Game 1: I keep a 5 lander with Painter and Blast knowing its OG miracles and a counterbalance could blow me out. Itís borderline fine as long as you draw gas, but I get punished by drawing two straight lands, and a Petal. The early game nonsense evens out though, and I draw two more Painters. I get blindsided by an endstep Brainstorm for Entreat for two before I can set up Painter plus Blast again. The beats get there.

    Game 2: Lost this replay as well ☹, but I know I took it down, setting up the winner take all game 3

    Game 3: We jockey for position the first few turns and I get a Copter in. His turn 3 is a tap out for Mentor. I have Cratermaker in my hand, and drop a tomb and cast it off that and a mountain to be able to kill Mentor and bash with Copter for the blowout. He has the Force of Will, and I have to blow a Petal to Blast back. I canít kill mentor now and have to lose the floating mana. He has the follow up removal the next turn for Cratermaker to seal it up. Mentor just too much to overcome.


    2nd Place

    So close, and yet still so far away.

    The current list is bomb. Not going to change a thing.

    As always, keep painting.

    And Free Nedleeds
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    Strawberry Shortcake

    What a brainstorm do? Draw card and activate on draw effects fix hand, removing woods

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    Re: Source Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Deck

    Monkey Bolt ftw is so good. I didn't realize people on MTGO were so salty
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Cheese View Post
    I've been taking shitty brews and tier 2 decks to tournaments and losing with them for years now. Welcome to the club. We meet for cocktails after round 6.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stevestamopz View Post
    Top quality german restraint there.

    If I'm at the point where I'm rage quitting, you can bet your kransky that I'm calling everyone involved a cunt.

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    Re: Source Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Deck

    Sweet report as always. Maybe a little light on Star Wars references for my taste but that's fine, can't get everything all the time.

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    Re: Source Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Deck

    Quote Originally Posted by pettdan View Post
    Sweet report as always. Maybe a little light on Star Wars references for my taste but that's fine, can't get everything all the time.
    Lol yea definitely slacking on that part, I was debating the title for a while because of that but figured I'll just throw it into the series why not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Megadeus View Post
    Monkey Bolt ftw is so good. I didn't realize people on MTGO were so salty
    You have no idea. There have been too many people to count over the years who just can't handle losing to a deck like Painter. For some reason it's a lot of Reanimator/Ape and Chimp players and then also Miracles pilots who get mad when they time themselves out haha
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    What a brainstorm do? Draw card and activate on draw effects fix hand, removing woods

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