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The modern metagame is a complete mystery to me right now. The last time I played modern Oko and Urza based decks were destroying the format. I think if you play on MTGO it would be worth testing it out, but otherwise I probably wouldn't bother. Paper tournaments just aren't happening for the foreseeable future.
Paper tournaments are actually sort of on the table where I live (Korea), there's just not much of a scene for it unfortunately (doesn't help that I live outside of Seoul, but idk how the scene is there either. Might be some modern, probably no Legacy). I think I met one guy who played Modern at the shop a month ago or so but I haven't seen him around since.

I checked on mtggoldfish, which probably isn't the best source for this sort of thing, but it seems like Goblins and some sort of aggro red deck are both up there, so if I had to hazard a guess I'd say post-banlist modern is still on its first legs and maybe hasn't quite stabilized yet. Or maybe the format has stabilized and aggro is just really good, idk.