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Thread: [Primer] Esper Vial

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    [Primer] Esper Vial

    Hi everyone,
    Fellow this link for a playersguide to this amazing deck.
    I will update the guide when needed, it is always under construction.
    Feel free to comment.

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    Re: [Primer] Esper Vial

    For posterityís sake, JTL won the recent super qualifier with this deck.


    I find several of his card choices... questionable (1 of leyline), but he made the deck and consistently does well with it. Except for itís gawd-aweful manabase (8 lands that donít cast strix) it combines the best parts of fair blue and d&t. Itís worth considering if you like creature toolbox and Uber grindy games, but playing maverick makes you feel naked without fow.

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    Re: [Primer] Esper Vial

    And here's some comments on what Jeff found interesting during that event:

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