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Thread: Library of Leng and Discarded Card Type

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    Library of Leng and Discarded Card Type

    One of the effects of Library of Leng lets players put discarded cards on top of the library instead of the into the graveyard. I'm guessing that for stuff that cares about the properties of discarded cards like Seasoned Pyromancer , Drekavac, Compulsive Research or Waste Not cards discarded that way count as not having any type or color, but I'm looking for confirmation.

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    Re: Library of Leng and Discarded Card Type

    Yes, you are correct, they have no characteristics. If you were trying to pay a cost as well, that is illegal and you can't.

    701.8c If a card is discarded, but an effect causes it to be put into a hidden zone instead of into its owner's graveyard without being revealed, all values of that card's characteristics are considered to be undefined. If a card is discarded this way to pay a cost that specifies a characteristic about the discarded card, that cost payment is illegal; the game returns to the moment before the cost was paid (see rule 721, "Handling Illegal Actions").
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    Re: Library of Leng and Discarded Card Type

    Huh. So you can't "discard a non-creature card" for Drekavac that way. I didn't quite expect that.

    Thanks for the rule citation. It's exactly what I was looking for.

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