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Thread: BTL Tibalt Shift

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    BTL Tibalt Shift

    2 Valakut the Molten Pinnacle
    4 Misty Rainforest
    4 Steam Vents
    4 Stomping Ground
    1 Watery Grave
    1 Overgrown Tomb
    1 Breeding Pool
    3 Island
    2 Forest
    2 Mountain
    1 Swamp (Basics can be snow to bluff coatl)
    1 BUG Triome
    [26 lands]

    4 Sakura Tribe Elder
    2 Valki // Tibalt

    4 Fatal Push
    4 Remand
    4 Growth Spiral
    4 Search for Tomorrow
    1 Pulse of Murasa
    4 Bring to Light
    2 Scapeshift
    1 Damnation
    4 Cryptic Command

    This is like the most straightforward 'quadlazer' version
    Pulse of Murasa is like the only "flex" slot (I want some kind of lifegain main and the deck can't play timely reinforcements on the B splash) but you could also trim e.g. Growth Spiral or Cryptic or Push etc

    Random value spell Kolaghan's Command / Electrolyze / Eternal Witness etc
    Decay / Maelstrom Pulse etc (depends how important it is in the meta to kill opponent Ashiok / Teferi / Narset)
    1 Mwonvuli Acidmoss / Hunting Wilds
    JTMS / Some kind of FoF effect (maybe not exactly FoF because the deck can't use its graveyard very well but some spell like this)
    Kroxa (it's an option but it's not very synergistic with the rest of the deck and the manacost is steep)
    Force of Negation / Thoughtseize (not ideal trading resources like this in a scapeshift deck, but depending on the meta maybe it's needed)

    Basically the idea is that the deck wants to ramp to 7 lands to Valakut people, at which point you can also cast Tibalt.
    But also Tibalt can do a mesmeric fiend thing early in the game if you need to interact rather than waiting for your 7-drop.
    Also even though they 'fixed' cascade you can still BTL for Tibalt, which gives you a strong thing to do if you btl on 5-6 lands in grindy games or your opponent has too much life to kill them with Valakut etc

    Switching the splash from W to B means you play Push instead of Path, which might be overall better at the moment (less pressure to exile creatures with Uro gone, not ramping aggro opponents playing Lurrus/Obosh, not many things that Push doesn't hit). Verdict swaps for damnation. The one card that you really miss from having W is Teferi Time Raveler but I'm intrigued enough by the Valki/Tibalt inclusion that I want to try this version for a bit.
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