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Results please. Sounds a lot like this thought process:
1- Ancient Tomb + Dreadnought + Mimic
2- zero protection, zero interaction, zero manipulation
3- must play Chalice to have a chance
4- must topdeck a Cavern on Dreadnought, or have the mana come together for Scroll of Fate (you probably didn't add) or Eater of Daze
5- it's okay now because Urza's Saga will be like more Caverns to get in Dreadnought through Chalice
6- sure hope they don't Wasteland this card that has to sit there for 2 of the opponent's turns.

^Modern style deck construction. Linear. Easy to disrupt. No play to it. Dies to Surgical/easy to reduce to enablers only.

If you're going to claim linear Stiflenought is *the* build, like at least have Uro covering your bets [even though you're weak to Surgical and playing the biggest Surgical lightning rod in the format]. Do we need to have the discussion about playing Teferi without Scroll of Fate too? Simply because Oko is banned does not mean that regressing to poor play patterns [sorc speed, summoning sick, phased-in Noughts] is progress.