Twenty players rocked up in Cardiff for FNM Legacy, the second since play restarted following our solitary between lockdown outing last September. The local meta seems to have become a little closer to the online meta than has been traditional, with more copies of Force of Will and Brainstorm than ever- 11 force of will decks, and 13 brainstorm decks. Who knew that Legacy was a blue format? Just like online, there were a few semi-spice decks to complement old favourites. The archetypes present were as follows, in no particular order.

UR delver x3
Reanimator (BRxx rather than mono b)
UW Planeswalker stasis
UB Ninja
D n T x2
Bant x3
GW depths
Jeskai miracles
Storm x2 [1 was definitely ANT, not 100% certain on the other]
Dragon stompy
Mono black helm
UW RIP helm

The top 8 were
Jeskai Miracles (12 points)
Bant control (10)
GW depths and Bant (9)
Filling out the rest of the top 8
UR Delver
UW walker with stasis

So Jeskai coming up trumps for traditional Miracles over Uro and his crew. Congratulations! I saw a fair few copies of MH2 cards to be sure- what an impact that set has made. Personally, I normally spend about a couple of hours a month updating my decks to make sure my loan decks match the latest lists people are playing. Post MH2 I have spent well over twenty hours as the metagame settles and the power of cards like Endurance, Urza’s Saga, and Prismatic Ending start to make themselves felt. I am still slightly behind on one or two- good job I am on a very long holiday. I am looking forward to working on updating my sadly neglected personal pet decks before going back to work. If anyone wants lists I have some of them and can probably get others- PM me.

On to Bristol where 15 players turned up for FNM at the end of July – data provided by the Doomsday exponent Doishy. They seem to have a Monkey Infestation down there! Apparently they also had people from Kent- people will literally drive across the country to play Legacy.
1st - Selesnya Toolbox Control (Maverick) [4-0]
2nd (UR Delver) [3-1]
3rd (More UR Delver) [3-1]
4th Doomsday [3-1]
5th UR Delver [3-1]
6th UR Delvers " [3-1]
7th - UW Omnishow [2-2]
8th (BUG Wish Aluren) [2-2].
We also had in the room in no particular order:
Eldrazi Aggro
Bant Control
Death and Taxes
Medium White, little bit spicy

So there we have it 2 FNMs for the price of 1.