Well here we were again for yet more FNM Legacy. Another in 3 weeks I think.
A reasonable turnout of 16 considering the delay and pre releases next week/

Our event last night had the following archetypes:

UR delver
Red prison x 2 (not sure on the builds here- Red prison often means Dragon stompy, which can be built with and without Karn GTC/Chandra- and the most common build changes quite often as I know from upkeeping my loan version).
Sneak and Show
Parfait (Wg with saga)
GW depths (no B)
D n T
Jeskai Miracles
12 Post colourless Eldrazi
4 C goodstuff Pile (no W)
4C turbo doomsday
Lands with Saga

So where have all the Monkeys gone? It was all a bit nuts (sorry, the pun was irresistible)
The split between blue and non-blue decks headed towards non blue again, but this is paper MTG, not MTGO
The standings:
On 12 we have……Delver. The only deck with monkeys. The moral here is broken creatures and a force/daze suite are good.
On 9 BR goblins, Doomsday, Bant control, Red Prison.
There were no sevens, leaving the rest of the decks on 6 or below.