Hey all. Another FNM Brsitol and Cardiff Legacy to report. Cardiff up first. A small event just making it into double figures was the result of a confluence of events such as work commitments, panic buying of petrol making people reluctant to travel etc. Hopefully we will be back up to our normal 20 or so next month.

The decks in attendance were, and for once this is the final standing order-
Doomsday 4 colour, no white with consider and deep analysis
UR Delver with monkeys.
Maverick with Grist
Yorion D n T
BR Goblins
Dragon stompy/Red prison (hybrid version with some 4cc walkers and the aggro dudes)
Parfait (W with r splash and 4 saga)
Jeskai Miracles
Storm (ANT, I think, not Epic)
UGw Infect

Doomsday had a perfect record, with 12 points. There is no stopping it!

Slivers and Delver managed 9, and Maverick hit 7, with Yorion through to Parfait living in 6 ville. On a personal note I threw the red splash parfait version together, because Wg just was not cutting it in the current meta, and I thus got to cast beaten up but OG black border red elemental blast in my last match, a genuine first for me after all these years.

The other event I have is from Bristol Legacy, where 15 turned up
4-0 ing this was Rainbow depths,
whilst the rest of the contenders were:
Three UR delver with the obligatory monkey
Merfolk with stifle
Merfolk with Chalice
Bant control
UW Omni
Turbo depths
A rogue BUG
Red stuff (a rogue red build)
Doomsday (the same one to take down Cardiff)

A very tempo based meta here with a smattering of 20/20s.
Till next time.