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Thread: Barreling through Eternal Weekend Wasteland: 11th with Strawberry Shortcake

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    Barreling through Eternal Weekend Wasteland: 11th with Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    4 Ancient Tomb
    2 City of Traitors
    2 Bloodstained Mire
    2 Wooded Foothills
    4 Mountain
    2 Plateau
    1 Great Furnace

    4 Urzaís Saga
    4 Lotus Petal
    1 Lionís Eye Diamond
    1 Simian Spirit Guide

    4 Imperial Recruiter
    4 Painterís Servant
    3 Goblin Engineer
    3 Goblin Welder
    1 Goblin Cratermaker
    1 Ethersworn Canonist

    4 Pyroblast
    4 Lightning Bolt

    3 Grindstone
    1 Smugglerís Copter
    1 Ensnaring Bridge
    1 Blood Moon

    1 Enlightened Tutor
    2 Karn, the Great Creator


    1 Grindstone
    1 Tormodís Crypt
    3 Surgical Extraction
    1 Engineered Explosives
    1 Pyrite Spellbomb
    1 Pithing Needle
    1 Ensnaring Bridge
    2 Red Elemental Blast
    1 Magus of the Moon
    1 Portable Hole
    1 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Karn, the Great Creator

    Well back again in a brand new completely wrecked meta. This time last year we were having to stunt through Oko and Astrolabe, this time itís everyoneís favorite Monkey. I basically had stopped playing legacy for the better part of two months and even swore off playing any eternal weekend events, before Friday night boredom and the desire to crush a tournament in spite of Monkey was too great and I decided to register. Plus I wanted to build upon last yearís 16th place finish in the Karakas event with mono-red Imperial Painter. This was another event with the unlimited access token, so my meta thoughts were to see a ton of blue red delver, a lot of rg lands, and some Doomsday mixed in at the top. Secondary was a bunch of dual based Endurance decks and creature decks that prey on Delver. Also mix in some Death and Taxes and Elves to then pray on said DnT. Those expectations plus the addition of Urzaís Saga relative to last year made me comfortable going with Shortcake, as Canonist is a great counterpick in an Elves/Doomsday world, and a small E-tutor Blood Moon package slants some Dark Depths hate back main and can steal some random Control matchups game 1 when card quality is way lower.

    So with all those things in mind, the main changes to the list were to maindeck the Lightning Bolts. Everything else is handled by the usual Welder/Engineer toolbox and Urzaís Saga combo package. Recruiter rounds out the top end with Karn, both of which are still important in my mind to soak up damage and provide a straight to hand tutor, compared with the higher variance Engineer entombing blindly. For the side, I ran some other Delver specific cards like Pyrite Spellbomb and Engineered Explosives, but would probably change both moving forward. If the meta were unchanged I would say a Pyrokinesis or two. Iíve usually been off of Karn specific cards like Lattice and Coating, when itís more control decks I might consider. Really itís just a holding pattern until we get some kind of ban change.

    The event starting at 8pm Eastern, so I already knew it had the potential to be a strange night. 353 players. 9 rounds swiss.

    Round 1 vs Elves - masterdhartha

    Game 1: I win the roll and itís a fine seven to start. 2x Mountain, Foothills, Saga, Tomb, Bolt, Recruiter. Saga does make the deck naturally slower but gives more Lands-esque inevitability. Itís a weird balance Iím still figuring out since it does throw off some of the faster matchups older builds never really had issues with. Anyways, Mountain go, and a natural Savannah into Green Sun for Dryad Arbor. I donít bolt and just pass which is probably a mistake, but I think I was trying not to get wrecked by a maindeck Ouphe from Elves of GW depths to start. I draw Grindstone, and again should have probably gone for Saga play stone and bolt the Arbor, but I choose tutor for Painter and play recruiter. Their turn 2 is explosive, setting up for the game to end turn 3. A Quirion Ranger, Nettle Sentinel, Elvish Visionary, Wirewood Symbiote facilitated by a Gaeaís Cradle. My turn I lucksack draw a Pyroblast, and play out Saga, Grindstone, and Painter on blue leaving up a Mountain. They begin with a Glimpse which I let resolve, and a few Elves down the chain I wait for and counter a Natural Order, which gets the scoop

    side: -2 Karn, -1 Bridge, -1 Moon, -1 Copter, -1 Welder -1 Mountain, +2 Blast, +1 Stone, +1 EE, +1 Pyrite, +1 Canonist, +1 Hole

    Game 2: Mountain, Foothills, Bolt, 2x Blast, Painter, LED. Keep. They start turn one with a Bayou and a Birchlore Rangers, while I draw Great Furnace, and fetch out a Plateau and bolt the Elf for my turn. Turn 2 sees a Nettle Sentinel and Quirion Ranger come down, while I draw Goblin Cratermaker. I can either play out a naked Painter and hope to untap with two blasts, but I choose to wait until next turn and just play the Cratermaker out with my Mountain. His turn actually has an interesting choice, where combat he offers up the trade with Nettle Sentinel for my goblin. Afterwards it was pretty a clear an Ouphe telegraph, which I wasnít too worried about with my blasts, but I did take the trade right away to slow down potential combo lines and cradle. Ouphe is played second main, which makes my play Painter with Furnace plan awkward. I draw another blast on my turn, and have to just jam Painter and hope I get it passed back to me to untap with triple blast. Wirewood Symbiote and Heritage Druid, but no payoff card yet. This hand must have been kept on the strength of Ouphe. Going back to my turn, I skillfully topdeck Grindstone. I point blast one at Ouphe, then play Stone, play LED, and use my last red to blast two Dryad Arbor for added safety, and then sac diamond pitch hand activate. He actually mills over a Progenitus, which is now the only card left in library. Luckily Iím at a safe life total, and he can only draw Prog and pass, and then draw again to lose the next turn.


    Round 2 vs ANT - fatboybyday

    Game 1: I win the roll and mull to five and keep Mountain, Foothills, Welder, Engineer, Bolt. Mountain, Welder, go, meets Underground Sea and a Ponder. I guess Iím facing Doomsday, and jam out the Engineer which resolves, finding Ethersworn Canonist, and hope to topdeck an artifact. Their turn two is an island and Brainstorm, and then a Thoughtseize taking my topdecked Pyroblast. Iím hoping itís a brainstorm lock to buy me time. I draw land, and swing for two. No dice, a fetch is played, and they start going off. Iím thinking it may have been a new magic online user though because LED wasnít cracked in response to Infernal Tutor with one card left, so itís just a pass back. Sometimes you get lucky. I draw Recruiter grabbing Painter, which eats another Thoughtseize, and my dorks attack it over the next two turns. Guess Iíll take it.

    side: -1 Bridge, -1 Moon, -1 Cratermaker, -4 Bolt, +3 Surgical, +2 Blast, +1 Canonist, +1 Stone

    Game 2: Mire, City, Grindstone, Welder, Recruiter, Painter, Simian Spirit guide. Snap keep. Turn two if you want to blow the City, otherwise a very stable hand. Volcanic Island and Ponder is their turn 1, while I draw a mountain. I decide to just jam since Decay mana isnít represented, figure I can cobble together a goblin rebuild if needed. Plus I can dodge discard this way too. I play City into Painter and then Spirit Guide out the Grindstone. Their turn two is a yolo brainstorm play fetch and pass, while I jam the land and just activate blind. Gets there.


    Round 3 vs Red Prison Ė jokelamb

    Game 1: I lose my first roll and keep a pretty bad hand of 2x Mountain, Mire, Plateau, Tomb, Painter, Blast. First turn chrome mox and my heart sinks thinking belcher. But a Fury is imprinted, then City of Traitors, and finally a Trinisphere. Not too bad actually my bad hand is now good. I turn two play Painter, matched then by a Bonecrusher Giant. I play out a drawn Spirit Guide, but a Chalice on 1 is then played while I am shields down pyroblast, so now I have to go backdoor with a drawn Recruiter to find and cast Engineer yarding Grindstone. My board gets Furyíd, leaving just a Painter, a recruiter, and a Copter. Iím at 9 from Crusher hits, but his draw is pretty poor leaving me a lot of time. Iím have a turn and decide to trade life for a swing with Copter to dig. I get bashed and a Legion Warboss makes the clock a lot quicker. Iíve only been able to draw one drops, but then topdeck Karn! I have to swing with Copter to try and empty my hand so I can jam Karn plus Bridge through Trinisphere and stabilize, and I topdeck LED!. I can now go LED and Karn and pay for Bridge with LED. I stabilize at 3 life and zero cards in hand, uptick Karn on chalice the turn after, and the one after that wish for Grindstone to win

    side: -1 E-tutor, -1 Canonist, -1 Moon, +1 Hole, +1 EE, +1 Karn,

    Game 2: Mountain, Fetch, Tomb, Welder, Stone, Bridge, Karn. Pretty good hand until a Mountain, Chrome Mox imprint Warboss casts a Chalice on 1. I draw Copter on my turn and punt by just playing a Mountain instead of powering out Copter. Important against potential hand emptying for bridge and Trinisphere efficiency. A 3 ball does in fact come down, so I play Copter now a turn behind curve for my turn. The threat then comes down in the form of a Rabblemaster, while I draw Saga and cast Karn to destroy Chalice. Not to be outdone a Legion Warboss comes into play, presenting a fast clock and a dead Karn. The problem is between Tomb damage and my inability to get to 6 mana for multiple spells Iím really behind. I play my Ensnaring Bridge, but tank a massive hit all the way to 1. Saga goes off on my turn, grabbing me LED to pitch away my hand. With only two non Tomb lands in play I need to draw another non damage land before I draw a spell through Trinisphere. I miss and scoop.

    Game 3: Plateau, Foothills, Tomb, Painter, Copter, 2x Recruiter. Nice anti-chalice hand with a respectable beatdown. I lead Tomb and Copter, which sees a City of Traitors, Chrome Mox imprint Shatterskull Smashing, and a Magus of the Moon. Probably the most ideal 3 drop for me, it only shuts off Sagas. I draw Karn, and play Painter and swing with the Copter. Their turn sees a Chalice on 1 slow me down, which I dodge with a Goblin Engineer to yard a Stone for me, threatening a kill next turn. Engineer eats another Shatterskull, but Iím able to follow up with Karn to shut off Chrome Mox and uptick kill Chalice. Now with Copter and Painter playing defense, Iím safe to wish for my sideboard Grindstone. He buys a turn using Gone from Dead/Gone to bounce my Painter, but the recast seals it.


    Round 4 vs Jund Hogaak Ė Udon1590

    Game 1: Foothills, Tomb. 2x Welder, 2x Recruiter, Bolt. I drop the trusty Welder, and get a bit of a surprise to see basic swamp and a Carrion Feeder. Not really a matchup Iíve seen in a while. I draw Cratermaker, and cast and use him to snipe the Feeder. Welder bashes for 1. A faithless looting pitches a Vengevine and Hogaak, while Gravecrawler hits play too. I rip a Painter off the top and pass. A blind Cabal Therapy whiffs, but sacs Gravecrawler to take both Recruiters. A second Carrion Feeder rebuys Gravecrawler triggering Vengevine. I end step bolt the Feeder, and draw another bolt. I pass, and when looting is flashed back from yard I bolt the Vengevine to prevent Hogaak. I get wrecked by a Putrid Imp, which helps convoke the Hogaak, triggering two Vengevines now. Just completely owned. I get beat down quick.

    side: -1 Canonist, -1 Moon, -1 Copter, -2 Karn, -1 Cratermaker, +3 Surgical, +1 Crypt, +1 Stone, +1 Bridge

    Game 2: Mountain, Foothills, Welder, Engineer, LED, Recruiter, Pyro. This game boils down to me not getting punished for being greedy. Udon mulls down to four, and his first three turns are just three lands and a bloodghast. I end up going Welder into Engineer for Painter, so I can have blast up from turn 2 forward. I use Recruiter to go find Engineer, and when I cast it the turn after to entomb Grindstone, I just go for it right away and Weld in Stone and activate without blast available. Two of the the last three cards were Force of Vigor green card, so I lose Painter and stone and all my artifacts for my goblins. Fortunately I get another turn and am saved drawing Copter. I safely combo out and head to game 3

    Game 3: Mountain, Mire, 2x Bolt, Stone, 2x Engineer. Pretty good grindy hand for this type of matchup, with the quick Engineer lines available too. Bayou into trademark Feeder, while I draw Tomb and go Mountain and Bolt. Turn two is just a Badlands and Bloodghast, while I draw Great Furnace and get the nice efficient Ancient Tomb into Grindstone and Engineer for Painter to threaten the next turn combo. The game goes downhill here though, as opponentís upkeep my Engineer gets Darkblasted. Dredged in the draw step and then again my Engineer gets dropped. Only relevant other graveyard card right now is a dredged Vengevine. I play the other Engineer on my turn grabbing Bridge still ready to win on my untap. I get wrecked by another good meta call card and lose my other Engineer to a Bone Shards pitching Hogaak. With a now decently stacked yard and me just a Grindstone in play and lands to spare I flood out my next few drawsteps. My 3rd and final Engineer meets the Darkblast fate and I get Zomboíd a few turns later.


    Itís now about Midnight, unfortunate to pick up the loss this early, but I canít even really be mad, Darkblast is actually pretty awesome as a Ragavan answer.

    Round 5 vs 8-Thought - DoctorAlice

    Game 1: Mountain, Foothills, Tomb, Painter, Blast, Recruiter, Blood Moon. Urzaís Saga on the other side and a Mishraís Bauble. Interesting I figure its an Echo deck, but could be a weird Ragastill type opener. I start with an unassuming Foothills. They add Ancient Tomb and a Lotus Petal. I add the same two to my side, and drop the Moon since I was behind the Saga race and I didnít want to have to deal with two constructs and a tinkered 1 drop. One construct is made in response, and a thoughtcast for their turn. I play Painter and blast a Thought Monitor. I look dumb when a Chalice on 1 comes down the next turn, but I have Engineer which eats Force of Will, leaving them with zero cards. I tank a hit from the 5/5 construct to go to 3, and play Recruiter finding Engineer, and play that too to finally entomb a Grindstone. A topdecked Sai threatens an air kill, I block the Construct with Recruiter. I draw Karn and have to pass. A Mox Opal makes a flier, and another attack by the token and Sai. I block Sai with Engineer, and the Construct with Painter, then Engineer swap out Painter for the yard Grindstone before damage. I untap and activate hold priority reswap, and combo out successfully.

    side: -1 Canonist, -1 Bridge, -1 Moon, -1 Tutor, -1 Copter, +1 Karn, +2 Blast, +1 Explosives, +1 Hole

    Game 2: 2x Plateau, City, Petal, LED, Red Blast, Painter. Turn one sees them drop a ton of zeros, Petal, Mishraís, Opal, and Emry. Pretty good. I topdeck Bolt, and point it at Emry. Force of Negation going to no cards left in hand. That is too juicy of card advantage for me and I red blast back. Thoughtcast sacking petal. I play out Painter and name white to dodge topdecked forces. Draw, go back to me, and I rip Karn off the top. Thatís good enough to seal it.


    Round 6 vs Elves Ė starfox444

    Game 1: Mire, 2x Bolt, Stone, Welder, Engineer, Cratermaker. Easy keep, multiple castables for a while and easy win once we draw into mana. I get a basic mountain and lead on the usual Welder. Allosaurus Shepherd off a Bayou. I go ahead and just bolt it after I draw a Karn. Wirewood Symbiote and a fetchland, which my next end step after drawing a pyroblast gets a Dryad arbor which I bolt snipe down. A third land gets another Bayou, and a Visionary is played. A very weird game so far. Then they move to combat and offer the trade up of Symbiote for Welder, and I choose to take it. Right on time I rip a City of Traitors off the top, playing both Grindstone and Engineer entombing Painter. Elvish Visionary is replayed to cantrip again, while I draw another land and just fire off the combo via Engineer to no harm.

    side: -2 Karn, -1 Bridge, -1 Moon, -1 Copter, -1 Welder -1 Mountain, +2 Blast, +1 Stone, +1 EE, +1 Pyrite, +1 Canonist, +1 Hole

    Game 2: I mull down to 6, keeping Saga, 2x Tomb, Painter, Welder, Engineer. It is weird but has enough really good draws against something like Elves. Once Upon a Time starts us off revealing a Heritage Druid, again cast off a Bayou. I draw Lotus Petal, and lead a lonely Saga. A second Bayou and again a Visionary, pass. I have no clue what to expect. But, topdeck is a blast, making the weird keep now a turn 3 with protection throughout. I play Tomb and Petal, and Painter on blue. Their turn three adds an Elvish Reclaimer, then Heritage taps the three Elves to play a Seeds of Innocence. All this cross hate, whatís a Painter to do. I blast it. Saga goes off, I fetch up Grindstone and activate. Assassinís Trophy to prolong the game. I then play my Welder and a Great Furnace Iíd drawn. I figure leaving the Engineer for the entomb post-reclaimer for bog is definitely the line. I get passed back to, while I draw a Petal and pass back ready to respond. Reclaimer is activated on my endstep which I let through, and a tapped Gaeaís Cradle enters. I respond by Welding the petal for Painter, name red, and activating. Force of Vigor on both my combo pieces. Interaction like whoa. Reclaimer untaps and grabs Bog to exile all my stuff, but only one card left. I topdeck Recruiter, and go find Painter to hand, also finally playing my Engineer for Grindstone to yard. I just get swung at with a now 3/4 reclaimer. I go to my turn trying to think if I can play around various interactions with also having to Weld, and finally have to just return my Grindstone to play, which eats yet another Trophy while Painter is on the stack. I have to pass again and fade some very live draws. But the Painter way is to expect to get there. I get another turn, and the dual goblins facilitate yet another artifact swap combo attempt that finally gets through.


    Round 7 vs Trohck Ė 80 card Monkey

    Game 1: I lose the roll and assume itís Dnt when a Yorion is revealed. I keep Mountain, Furnace, Tomb, Petal, Pyroblast, Bolt, Recruiter. Windswept Heath for snow forest and Noble Hierarch. Maybe Aluren now? I draw Blood Moon for my turn and adhere to current mana theory research and bolt the noble. Another Heath pass, I draw Engineer and play Recruiter for Painter. Iím even more confused when Taiga is the third drop, and heath finds Tundra for Spellseeker. Wha?? Brainstorm revealed. I slam click Blood Moon which resolves. Nonbasic pass, I play Engineer to find Grindstone, and play Painter. Solitude is evoked, and I let it resolve, wanting to keep the blast still as I have no clue what this deck really is. I use petal to end step an Enlightened Tutor for a new Painter. I play it and name blue for my blast and pass, and after a random dashed Ragavan trades with my Recruiter, I Engineer to go combo on my turn. That sees a maindeck Surgical??? on my grindstone, which luckily I had the leftover blast for. So so confused.

    side: -1 Petal, -1 Tutor, -1 Canonist, -1 Moon, +1 Hole, +1 Pyrite, +2 Blast

    Game 2: Mountain, Plateau, Tomb, Petal, Stone, Portable Hole, Recruiter. A strand searches out a sexy Cornelius Brudi plateau and casts a Ragavan. I draw Saga, and play my own Brudi plateau and put Monkey in a Hole. Tropical pass. I draw Painter, and curve out Tomb for Recruiter to go grab a second, first known, Painter. Yorion to hand is all for turn 3. I move in, playing Grindstone, then Painter which gets Forced. I blast back to push the issue. Painter dies to a Swords on the untap, and on mine I decide to go in blind on the second stashed Painter figuring if itís a mono-removal hand for an 80 card deck so be it. The activation gets through to take it down.


    Round 8 vs Wonderpreaux - Doomsday

    Game 1: I lose the roll and debate for a second that Iím probably facing Doomsday. Which explains this horrible high variance hand. 2x Saga, Tomb, 2x Petal, Blood Moon, Pyroblast. Turn 1 he goes off. Sea, Dark Rit, Doomsday and pass. I draw a blank Karn, but figure I have the nuts. I move all in Tomb and double petal for the game ending Blood Moon. Moon meets Force of Will, but ya boy has the blast. Cavern and lands now shut off, we take game 1.

    side: -1 Copter, -1 Bridge, -1 Moon, -1 Cratermaker, -2 Karn, -1 Bolt, +3 Surgical, +1 Stone, +2 Blast, +1 Canonist

    Game 2: Saga, Plateau, City, Tomb Blast, Grindstone, Engineer. Too good to mull, plus Painter is unique in the Doomsday matchup in that Grindstone can be kept as a pseudo hate piece. Sea for Ponder, while I go Plateau and Grindstone. If it gets Dazed thatís fine as it hopefully buys us tempo. It resolves though. Turn 2 Brainstorm, Sea, Ponder, giving me time to draw a Surgical and play Ancient Tomb. Dark Ritual into Doomsday and its go time. I have three potential pieces of interaction vs his 5 cards. He passes the turn, giving me now two potential stone activations plus a Pyroblast plus a Surgical. I spend a lot of time looking at the exiled cards, actually a perk of Magic Online here that I can just write for a few minutes not worrying. I figure it has to be some kind of Emrakul pile, or something where double mill just leaves the last card to be drawn as Thassa. I go ahead and mill on the end step, turning over island and chain of vapor. I draw a blank second Engineer. Mainphase Iím still really not sure what to do. I lead with the Surgical on Chain. Resolves. Hand is stacked. Force of Will, Force of Negation, Consider, Brainstorm, Street Wraith. The last three cards in library are Cavern and 2x Thassa. Was not expecting that. I realize their hand is kinda hamstrung because they canít draw without me having the final two cards milled, and I canít counter Thassa with Pyro through double force. My only out is to yolo mill grindstone again, and pray to the modo shuffler gods that double thassa is on top. I activate, and BOOM


    Itís probably about 4am when round 9 is starting, so Iím just fist pumping with another Eternal Weekend win and in.

    Round 9 vs MentalMisstep Ė UR Ragavan

    Game 1: Ah the end boss. I had somehow dodged the matchup all day, in the swan song tournament for Rag-V allegedly. I mull to six, keeping Mountain, Foothills, Saga, Enlightened Tutor, LED, Karn. I didnít know the matchup coming in, with the keep now looking pretty sketch against Monkey. I go Foothills, while the first turn one Monkey of the day is played against me. I draw Grindstone, and play it and Saga. Monkey lottery hits my City of Traitors and passes back. I wait to make Constructs to block Monkey, which he lets trade. I make another construct on the third chapter, and fetch up a Petal to make my guy a 3/3. I draw and play another Saga, adding my LED to go to a 4/4. He can only add a land, while I go full beats, adding two more constructs. A Dragonís Rage Channeler is reduced to blocking duty, and my dudes mow through it easy over the turns. Saga ainít bad.

    side: -1 Tutor, -1 Canonist, -1 Recruiter -1 Moon, -2 Karn, +1 Stone +2 Blast, +1 Pyrite, +1 EE, +1 Bridge

    Game 2: 3x Mountain, Tomb, Blast, 2x Recruiter. A debatable hand, but the fact that itís protected mana tilts it towards a keep for me. Plus early recruiters for blocking duty, there are a lot of worse hands you could see at 6 and im always hesitant to mull against the really strong advantage type top meta decks. It starts as a really slow game. No threat until turn 3, allowing me to drop lands. I recruiter for Painter turn 2, and lose tomb to Wasteland. Unfortunately my draws so far have been double ensnaring Bridge and redundant Painter. The first Bridge gets forced, while I answer a Delver and Channeler. The match starts tilting downhill when I topdeck a Copter, but then lose it and my first Painter to a Meltdown. Recruiter I use to search up Goblin Welder, eating a Bolt. Iím doing my best to keep up with the ultra filtering of the delver deck and I definitely have time. I start to get buried by Expressive Iteration, and a second Meltdown handles my second bridge. A huge Murktide ends me, I couldnít find a Grindstone tutor through a third of my deck.

    Game 3: Another game two type hand. Maybe this is supposed to be mulled. I always ask how the hand deals with a wasteland. 2x Plateau, 2x Tomb, 2x Blast, Recruiter. My first draw is Engineer, so Iím definitely live. I turn two my Recruiter grabbing Painter, while my opponent pairs his Channeler with a turn 2 Delver. I draw Bolt and kill the Channeler, playing Engineer for Ensnaring Bridge. This is partly to leave Grindstone in library to give me more live combo draws, and because you expect Engineer to eat a piece of removal so having a Bridge there for later isnít the worst. My Tomb dies to the pre-supposed Wasteland, and Engineer dies to Unholy Heat. After the dust settles, Iím left in the classic Delver scenario. I have three lands in play with Tomb in hand, Painter and two blasts at the ready. If I can topdeck Grindstone asap, I win and top 8. The issue is that the new blue red delver digs a billion cards in one turn every game now. Expressive Iteration into Ponder is infinite. I am left deciding between countering advantage or payoffs while also keeping protection for my own. Iím left needing to blast a huge Murktide so I can just survive taking 3 from a Delver. I keep the final blast just in case I have a shot to go for it all in one turn, but donít draw a Stone in the final few turns before getting buried.


    Kinda fitting in the end that I would lose my win and in to UR Ragavan after facing basically zero monkeys. But hey thatís what Shortcake does, it feasts heavy on the non Lightning Bolt decks, just turns out that Meltdown is a little bit harder to deal with on top of the crazy new threats. I wait and see if I can maybe sneak into top 8, best case there would be two X-2s to make it. Turns out it was a clean set of 8-1s for the cut. I finish at 11, third among the two losses. So close.

    Painter can still hang. Having Saga obviously helps in the new legacy world of modern horizons. But otherwise the recent additions have kept the old shell alive. Weíll see what happens to Monkey, but for now Iíll probably just sit back and take a break from Legacy. The deck will always be on standby for huge tournaments and can for sure deliver at the highest level.

    Until then, keep painting

    And #FreeNedleeds

    Strawberry Shortcake

    What a brainstorm do? Draw card and activate on draw effects fix hand, removing woods

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    Re: Barreling through Eternal Weekend Wasteland: 11th with Strawberry Shortcake

    Nice! Thanks for the tournament report. Any major changes if you were to go at it again given your last run?

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    Re: Barreling through Eternal Weekend Wasteland: 11th with Strawberry Shortcake

    Quote Originally Posted by schweinefettmann View Post
    Nice! Thanks for the tournament report. Any major changes if you were to go at it again given your last run?

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    Assuming a ton of Delver and Elves, I'd probably just chop the Explosives and Pyrite for faster more efficient answers.

    Probably two Pyrokinesis or even a 1/1 split Pyrok and Fury for walker coverage
    Strawberry Shortcake

    What a brainstorm do? Draw card and activate on draw effects fix hand, removing woods

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    Re: Barreling through Eternal Weekend Wasteland: 11th with Strawberry Shortcake

    Always enjoy your reports, Kap'n! We have some Painter players locally. I'm going to tell them to check out your list and insights.

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