Only 14 for December in Cardiff, but then with big Modern events the day after and Christmas parties, about in line with expectations at this time of year. Interestingly very few took much advantage of our proxy rule, the odd proxy dual here and there to finish lists, nothing more.

Top was UR delver on 10 points. Like the poor, Delver is always with us, but having played this deck, I must admit I did enjoy playing against it despite losing. It is a strange deck, delver- it always feels close but one sided and often feels unfair but fair. Will it cop for a ban or two? Watch this space.
2nd and 3rd On 9:
Yorion D n T
Lands (with saga, of course)
And then on 7
Yorion D N T
I donít normally go to sixes, but it would be a pretty short report otherwise thanks to a large number of draws keeping the points down.
Bant control
Mono black helm (a little more controling than the recent Maralen lists, but it did run the combo)
Rounding off the field in no particular order
GW depth
Green post
Jeskai Miracles
So a varied meta, with doubles of D N T, delver and Lands.A fair amount of Brainstorms, but not excessively so.
From Cardiff to Bristol, where I have been given the following 10 player event.
Top of the shop, it is that deck again, UR Delver
Then on 9
Urza echo
A whole bunch of sixes
Yorion Aluren
Grixis delver
UR delver
Song of creation storm
To round out the places:
UW omni tell
So a very blue meta here, and once more Delver rises to take the spoils.