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Thread: New Colab dropping

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    Re: New Colab dropping

    This is not that big a deal, he's been on Tolarian Community College and has participated in more than a few EDH games on various YouTube channels. Dude has "weird flex" cred in a few different circles, I thought his Nirvana tribute was well-executed, I don't really know what his pop offerings are like as I don't listen to Top 40 radio, but like... this is fine
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    Creature type - 'Fuck you mooooooom'
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    Re: New Colab dropping

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    The one where the Standard FNMs are going to be so empty because why play that when Alchemy exists? (Oops.)

    But hey, at least it will get the metrics to look good.

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    Re: New Colab dropping

    In what sense do they mean "bigger fan"?

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    Re: New Colab dropping

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottW View Post
    In what sense do they mean "bigger fan"?

    They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta

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