And Legacy resumes in 2022 in paper with just 13 for the event, not bad for these covid times and so many restrictions.
Like the poor, Delver is always with us, and once again it was top Pirate Monkey, with a 10 pointer.
On 9 we had just 3 decks, Doomsday, Show and Tell (UR, Omni), and Mono R prison/Dragon-less stompy. I saw the end of Show vs Doomsday, and saw the resolved Doomsday fold to a top deck Blood Moon. An epic finish.
Rounding out, in no particular order in the 3-6 bracket, were Lands x2 [one saga, one not], D n T (one 60, one Yorion), Bant Miracles, Mono B helm, B/W Eldrazi, Infect and Aluren. So a pretty wide field, and almost all the archetypes.
So hopefully we all meet again in Feb for some more Legacy, where we can get numbers back up to 20 odd.