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Thread: Mono black SPUD (pit rack)

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    Mono black SPUD (pit rack)

    potatoes' home base.
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    Re: Mono black SPUD (pit rack)

    I’m ready… :D 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

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    Re: Mono black SPUD (pit rack)

    Adding here my last variation of SPUD-like/pit rack deck.

    The main “innovation”, is adding Bane of the living to help in 3 ways:

    - more board/horde control: is critical for this deck as you need some time for your win cons to be effective
    - improve the top deck: this deck, more than any orher (competing woth some MUD) lives in a top deck mode since the very early stages of the game. Having a versatile card that can be both a threat and a board wipe helps improving your too decks.
    - increases the clock: even vs non creature decks you can simply t1 ritual -> bane into t2 morph for a 4 strength beater.

    liking it so far!

    Main 60

    3x plague spitter
    3x bane of the living

    3x cursed scroll
    4x the rack
    4x bottomless pit

    4x innocent blood
    2x funeral charm
    4x duress
    3x cabal therapy
    3x chain of smog

    4x dark ritual

    4x wasteland
    4x mishra’s factory
    15x swamp

    Side 15

    3x ensnaring bridge
    2x powder keg
    3x tormod’s crypt
    4x phyrexian negator (not sure if they will be hippies)
    3x dystopia


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