I played my very first games of Modern last night. I took Enchantress to a small Monday Night Modern tourney in my corner of the world. It was fun and the local meta was pretty aggro.
Back in the day I brought Rabid Wombat to smash the local meta (to mixed results). I'm talking 15 years back when Goblins was tier 1.
Any chance I can port a basic Wombat list to Modern standards?
I'm looking at something simple like:

4 Secluded Steppe
16 Plains

4 Eternal Dragon

4 Abeyance
4 Swords To Plowshares
4 Wing Shards
3 Wrath of God
4 Renewed Faith
3 Decree of Justice
3 Rune of Protection: Red
3 Gilded Light
4 Runed Halo
4 Angelsong

The obvious card DQs are Chant and Decree (Swords turning into Path, Abeyance turning into Silence, Eternal Dragon turning into that MH2 Dragon).
We now have Planeswalkers to add wincons, which is pretty cool. I like the idea of cycling with Abandoned Sarcophagus (probably dumb). I have no idea how Modern works anyway and I may assuming that the format is Legacy for kids with helmets...
But is there even a chance that a modern (pun intended) version of this deck is worth any brain power?
Spoiler alert, I have the deck sleeved up in my mind so I'll probably build something to play next week so I can act smarter than everyone else
Thanks for any input.