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Thread: Legacy, Cardiff March 22

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    Legacy, Cardiff March 22, 2 x FNMs

    Back on after a month off.
    Sadly only 9- lowest attendance in a while, but post omicron things have been slow everywhere.

    Our decks tonight were.

    Titan Post
    UG Infect
    Mono Red Dragon stompy
    Lands (saga etc)
    UR Delver
    BUG Alluren
    Bant control
    GB witherbloom/smog
    GW enchantress

    Top of the shop on 12 was UR Delver.
    on 9 we had Dragon Stompy and Alluren
    I don't normally list the 6s or 3s but as it is such a short event, in order they were
    GB witherbloom
    Titan Post
    Infect and bant finished it off on 3.
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    Re: Legacy, Cardiff March 22 -2 x FNM

    We were back with a second Legacy event of the month. At short notice it was nice to see it fire, and although nobody from Bristol could make it, we had a car from Swansea.
    With just 8 decks to deal with I will run them out in points order. With fewer decks I can give more detail, at least where I had a good peak. Top of the shop this week on 9 was TES. This is version 12.8 for those who follow TES. I believe this has been named "delver killer" by Bryant Cook, but on the night our delver players had not turned up, so it was not put to the test. It eschews prismatic ending in the board as a wish target and the anti- Mindbreak trap Orim's chant in favour of Defense Grid. The 4 colour mana base is a lot more stable, I guess. It wins via a number of lines, running LED into Echo, Peer into The Abyss in the board, Galvanic Relay, Ad Nauseam, together with the usual wincons of Tendrils, Empty the warrens etc. Chain of vapor can serve double duty both defensively and offensively to bounce those permanents and up the storm count.
    Our three 6 pointers were Lands (with Saga), which is currently seeing a large chunk of play on MTGO I believe, and which has Boseiju, who Endures to improve its impressive selection of utility lands, as if it needed help. Infect, in the guide of Bant infect, was our highest placed blue deck as Forests once more were popular. White provides removal, as the core UG package is very strong in everything else, and the flex slots in three colour versions tend to be removal- Swords and Ending being the obvious potential choices. In this case Swords, Teferi 3, and RIP were white's contributions. Our final 6 was white armageddon/archon stax, which has had a small resurgence in attention as it has been streamed once or twice of late. There is no set list in these decks, but they tend to all run the Sol land/Mox/Chalice/3ball suite, Archon, Crucible, a couple of land sweepers, and then cards like Timeless Dragon, Karn GTC and Thought-knot tend to compete for slots. The emergence of Force of Vigor as a Legacy staple means the older style Stax decks relying on enchantments and artifacts only are simply not viable, and WOTC's pushed creatures make the deck more agrressive than those of yesteryear. This one runs Smokestacks, for old time's sake.
    Our 3s were Burn, with a slight twist in that it was running the white splash for Boros Charm, as the Modern ones often do. I saw the match vs Storm, and it looked epic, a very close run thing, which shows how decks that are supposedly weak to combo have a lot more tools nowadays. Burn is a really strong Legacy option with more tools than ever. BUG aluren was the only other blue deck there, although it represents two decks for the price of one, as it has both combo and a controlling mode. One a turn beats from uro are good, I hear. GB witherbloom/smog finished the 3s. This uses a full wish board to get both utility and combo pieces and is basically a grindy GB deck with an "I win combo", clearing the way with all the discard and removal you would expect. Our final deck was Green Titan post. I did not see this in action, but I think it was a very standard build- Cloudposts, Crop Rotations, Pithing Needles, Prime Time, Emrakul and a selection of utility lands as you would expect.

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