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Thread: LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035

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    LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035


    Jace, Supreme Spellcaster

    Jace, Intangible Mastermind

    Jace, Mystic Surfer (SoCal-themed set)

    <No Jace in this set because he dies>

    Jace, Risen Genius (Liliana brings him back)

    Jace, Evanescent Exile (Elspeth and Ajani banish undead Jace --- forever!)

    Jace, Omnipresent (Jace's spirit seeps back into the multiverse, imbuing every fiber of existence with Jaceness)

    Bluehoodie the Mysterious (Who could he be? The type line is "Planeswalker --- Jace." Is that a clue?)

    Jace, Intellect Incarnate (It was Jace all along! He has a body again! Still imbuing every fiber of the multiverse.)

    Jace, Hardbody (Topless. Just to remind you that he also lifts weights, because that is in blue's part of the color pie)

    <Jace dies again>

    Jace, Masterful Deceiver (Fooled you! He didn't really die.)

    Jace, Highly Intelligent Wizard (Core Set that gets kinda rushed through production)

    Jace, Subtle Rustler (Wild West-themed set)

    Jace, Michelangelo of the Mind (A power-creeped version of Jace, the Mind Sculptor)

    Businesslord Jace // President Jace (Political drama-themed set using double-face cards)

    Jace, Jacefather of the Jacemind

    Jeus, Dominus Magus (Roman-empire themed set)

    Jace Jace Jace Jace Jace Jace Jace (Time travel set: In order to defeat the past, present and future of Nicol Bolas, called Nicol Nicol Nicol Bolas Bolas Bolas, Jace invokes SEVEN

    timelines of himself.)

    Jace, Adversary of Jaces (A deck may have up to seven cards named Jace, Adversary of Jaces.)

    The Last Jace (The last two sets were focused on the Jace War, which was like the Brothers' War, but more Jace)

    Batman is Actually Jace

    Elvis is Jace

    Gerard Butler is Jace

    1 (That's the number 1. Gerard-Butler-as-Jace defends Thermopylae from the Phyrexians)

    Jace, Indefatigable Investigator (Noir crime mystery set)

    Jace, Smarter than You (Another rushed Core Set)

    Jace Benobi, Master of the Jorce (Thinly veiled Star Wars set)

    Roger Federer is Jace

    Jace, Really Into Tennis

    Serena Williams is Jace


    JACE. In Your FACE.

    Salvador Dali is Jace, Just %#!^ing Around

    Jace, Who Could Totally Save the World But Doesn't Because That's White's Part of the Color Pie

    Jace, Grudgingly Saving the World At the Last Possible Second With a Mere Flick of His Wrist

    Jace, Tired of Saving Your Asses

    Jace, the Bad Guy Now (Literally every other entity in the multiverse must unite against him)

    Jace, Tired of Being the Bad Guy (He could be if he wanted to, but whatever)

    Jace, Scheming Schemer (This Core Set isn't rushed at all, just derivative)

    Dumbledore is Senile Jace Seriously Not Giving a %^&$

    Jace With Countermagic Dysfunction Disorder (All your hard counters become soft counters)


    Share your thoughts in the comments!
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    Re: LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035

    Those all look really cool!
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    Re: LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035

    Everything about them seems awesome.

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    Re: LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035

    Excellent post.
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    Re: LEAK: Every Jace PW to be printed until 2035

    La copa america es uno de los eventos más esperados en el mundo del fútbol. En Jugabet, encuentras una guía completa de apuestas para este emocionante torneo.
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