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Thread: Legacy, April 2022 Cardiff

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    Legacy, April 2022 Cardiff

    12 Players tonight for Legacy.
    It was a bad night for blue, to be sure, filling in the bottom slots as Brainstorms did not do the business.
    Top of the shop was Archon Armageddon Stax, running Timeless Dragon to smooth the notoriously unreliable sol land/mox mana base, and Archon of Emeria. With Eiganjo adding more uncounterable removal effects and March of Otherworldly light the removal has had some serious upgrades. With so many Force of Vigors, the safest cards seem to be non artifact/enchantment creatures.

    Three 9s included Lands, now running all star Boseiju on top of the previous upgrade in Saga, which gives access to lifegaining Shadowspear, and punishing fire for small dudes, the deck can do pretty much everything. Dudes, check, fast mana, check, repeatable removal check, 20/20- check.

    DnT Yorion came in with 9, running 4 saga. Pretty much everything as you would expect here, with Lion Sash being the only new addition to a well-established shell.

    Storm- TES 12.8, last time's winner, aka Bryant Cook's "Delver Killer", finished the 9s, although ironically enough I think it lost to.....yep, Delver.

    Coming at 6s we had Green 12 Post, BUG Aluren, the top placed Force deck, and the increasingly incorrectly named Dragon Stompy.
    Finishing off in the 4s and below, 60 card D n T, a deck I did not see in action, 4 colour Uro control, UWR Miracles, UR Delver, and Bant infect.
    A reminder to get your quarterly tickets now in the format that keeps on giving.
    Till next time,

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    Re: Legacy, April 2022 Cardiff

    A small event last night, just into double figures. Back to one a a month regular ones soon- For those in the UK, the Quarterly is 23rd- proxy friendly and nicely located in Cardiff - and I know a few players here last night will be in attendance. Get your tickets as these are pretty special events and we want to hold more. A lot of old faces were out last night, and it was great to see them all, our player pool is pretty big, its getting everyone out at the same time that is the issue.
    Top of the shop was UWR miracles with the Day's Undoing package- a full 12 points. I did not see it at all, but I heard that the Day's package did the business. Congrats!
    The 9s were Elves, W stax, and Yorion D n T
    Elves was the latest list with Boseiju upgrade, and of course, nowdays has a certain Allosaurus Shepherd that makes it even less vulnerable to Chalice, and Force of Vigor, meaning new lines of attack are needed.
    W stax, which should perhaps be better called Archon-ageddon has actually done pretty well in various places recently and not just storm- there are a lot of lists on Mtg under various names- although nobody has told Mtg Top 8.
    Yorion D N T is the Saga version, not many huge upgrades from Kami, but it hardly needs them.
    Sixes had Cloudpost, a nice variant with Golos + sphere of resistance rather than the regular list, Red Prison/Dragon Stompy/Moon Red, Jeskai mentor and Ninjas.
    Rounding it off Maverick, Green Titan Post, and TES Storm. A bad night for TES, but the pilot is still rocking a 70% win rate of late, which is not to be sniffed at.

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