The Legacy Pit Open II

The Legacy Pit Open II will occur on October 1st and 2nd in Richmond, Virginia at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The Saturday main event start time will be 10:00 am EST. The Legacy Open will be a 20K event, The Abra Roberts Memorial Modern event will be a 5K event, and The Vintage Quest will be a 2K event.

The Legacy Open main event will have live coverage and commentary. Day One will consist of 8 rounds. Qualified participants who have records of 6-2 or better, or 18 match points, will return for Day Two. Day Two will begin at 9:00 am EST. After the Swiss rounds on Day Two, there will be a cut to the Top 8.

The Abra Roberts Memorial Modern event will be a Swiss tournament with a cut to the Top 8. This event will donate $1,000 to suicide related charities; and an additional $1,000 will be donated for every 100 players registered over 200.

The Vintage Quest 2K event will allow up to 15 proxy cards. It will be capped at 6 rounds.

There will be two 1K Legacy side events, and one 1K Modern side event. These side events are capped at 5 rounds.

Preregistrations will start Monday, May 16, 2022, at 10:00 am EST on MTGMelee accounts, and email addresses will be required at checkout for the Legacy Main event, and the Modern Memorial.
Deck submissions are required through for the Legacy Main event and Modern Memorial. Deck entry will be available a week or two before the start of the event date.

The Legacy Pit organizes Magic The Gathering tournaments, and streams live content every Thursday and Saturday on Twitch at 6:00 pm EST. Select content is later published on YouTube. The Legacy Pit features a comprehensive library of over 30 prebuilt Legacy decks with viewer interaction at its core. Matchup requests are honored in real time. The Legacy Pitís brand features competitive game play, and genuine raw edgy fun that is truly unique.

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