Eleven players in total, but just three rounds as some of the matches went all the way, inlcuding one of mine.
Top of the shop on 9 was mono red prison. I saw little of this in action, but I heard turn one Blood Moon was in attendance.
On 7 we have WUR control, with the 2xDay's Undoing + 6 draw restrictor package, one mountain, no Plateau, one of four fair blue force decks. This is one of my loan decks, though I could not persuade the pilot to swap in the singleton Shorikai, Genesis engine I have been itching to try out.
On 6 4c Leovold with Yorion, UWBG, I saw at least two Wastelands in the list (and they wrecked me, leaving me in game one on 1 land and two plaincyclers in hand), and but I did not see Leovold in action in what seemed to be a very fair blue list.
Also on 6 it's TES 12.8 again, I did not see much of the matches here, but I was told the singleton Ad Nauseam whiffed in an epic way twice.
The final 6 was Mono White Stax or Archonageddon. This now has some Solitudes, a card I can assure you costs way too much in foil. A second Tabernacle in the board has been added too, but all it did was keep the other one company in every game two and three.
On exactly even 1/1/1 (4 points) we have Bant Yorion. I did not see this but I know the draw was vs one of the Jaskai Day's undoing decks, and I also know there was some spice in this build, with Ephemerates, with targets like Stoneforge Mystic and Uro forming a value town package.
Finishing it off on threes and twos (there were some draws) GWr depths, burn, Mono Red Eldrazi Prison (I would like to have seen this, but glad I did not face it as it probably beats my deck), Mono Red Painter with Saga, and the Second Day's Undoing Jeskai list, which was the winner in both the South Wales and West Quarterly and the previous FNM.