A Legacy happened last night with just 11 players.
The results are as follows- I know there was a drop and a concession to give a slightly false impression, but we do have a pretty solid picture, some new to Cardiff decks and some old friends.
Last night's decks
On 12 Was Dauthi saga depths. For those who don't know it is a deck that evolved over a few months, and I am actually putting one together now. Depths mono B has been around for yonks, often as the hybrid "reanimator depths" and has been a budget deck, whilst Mono B Helm of Obedience decks got a boost with Dauthi Voidwalker after MH2, but this latest mono B iteration is basically a Turbo Hexmage depths deck with Bob, but with a small critter package (Opposition agent is in some of them). Post board it can morph into Helm of Obedience combo- with 4 leylines and the main deck Voidwalkers already in place, and some run a Coffers/Emrakul package for extra spicyness. Some versions run Edict, some don't, but the core is generally quite set. Last night's winner had an unusual 3 needle/3 map split. I got to see this up close, and personal. Sadly, my Sudden Edicts did not, and that only ends one way....)
On 9 we had D n T (I think this was the 80 card version), and 8 cast, which I am delighted to see in Cardiff as I am miles off finishing the deck. I did not see these in action myself, so I don't know if there was any spice, though I am not sure that you need spice when you can lay enormous Ward 4 dudes. I did see our final 9 pointer, which was UWR day's undoing- winner of our Quarterly recently, still going strong, and which I snuck past in R1 by virtue of ultimating Lilly, Last Hope after Prismatic Endings hid. Needless to say, I did not bring enough tokens.......)
Finishing in the sixes we have Elves, Karn Pox, more Day's undoing (this one with main deck blood moon, 3 Days rather than 2, a higher basic count, and one where we are still finishing the match in July in an alternate dimension), and Aluren 4 colour Aluren with Academy Rector. Finishing off we had Bant control, BW humna and Hogaak, with carrion feeders, altar of dementia, and vengevine.