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Thread: Legacy Cardiff FNM- July 22

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    Legacy Cardiff FNM- July 22, Bristol July

    10 players, almost 10 unique archetypes, depending on how you split them. A reduced Swansea crew and no Bristol cars but ten is a reasonable turnout by most counts for proxy free paper Legacy.
    On 12 points we had undisputed winner for the evening, with a full house of points for BUG Aluren. I had a super awesome match in the last round versus this deck- it creates some interesting decision trees on both sides of the table.
    Our 9s were Enchantress with Curse of Silence, which was one of my loan decks, specifically requested. It has been in a rough place in the format with Narset everywhere, Force of Vigor too, and it is traditionally weak vs fast combo, which we see lots of in Cardiff. The board tends to be mixtures of spells rather than just enchantments to try and deal with fast combo. It takes a lot of skill to pick up, so congrats there.
    Our third 9 was Medium Depths (BG), not turbo, not slow, just "medium".
    I think we are then into 3 sixes- D n T Yorion, W stax, and our old friend BRxx reanimator, waiting to prey on those people who forget about the graveyard hate.
    All our other decks got at least a match win, and here we have two UWr Day's undoing decks, slightly different in construction, UB Ninjas and Amulet Titan- not a shock if you have played Modern, but this legacy port I saw up close, and it looks like a ton of fun.
    And from Bristol.
    9 players
    2 decks at 3-1 (yorion taxes and Doomsday)

    Then in no particular order.

    Rainbow depths
    Jeskai control ft. Days undoing
    Bug stuff control
    Bw dead guy ale
    BR reanimator

    If you are in the UK the South Wales and West Quarterly is up in August, should be 32 players or so and unlike the above events will allow proxy cards (unsanctioned) [ but not fakes].
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