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Thread: [Finland] Finnish Legacy Nationals 2022 12th of November 2022!

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    [Finland] Finnish Legacy Nationals 2022 12th of November 2022!


    1) Read the "star box" below
    2) Check if there are still available slots. PM me for registration "First Name Last Name".
    3) Read additional notes delivered to this post and act accordingly, pay your tournament at the latest by 21th of October (IBAN bank transfer, if not possible again contact me by pm)

    What: Finnish Legacy Nationals 2022
    Where: TAMPERE, FINLAND: in Tampere University's Hervanta building at a restaurant called Ravintola Hertsi
    When: Saturday 12th of November 2022 at 10 AM - DOORS 9 AM
    Tournament fee: €50 (IBAN bank transfer in advance, contact me if its impossible) [will accept payments in September]
    What to expect: 7 or 8 rounds of swiss + cut to top 8
    Prizes: €€€ for top16/24 depending on number of players (prizes= enrollment fees minus fees)
    Take with you: a Legacy legal deck, needed tokens, some dice and a lifepad etc. for notes, a decklist
    Sanctioning: No

    Gold border cards (WCD) and Collector's/ International Edition cards legal in the event. Use opaque sleeves with these cards.

    Maximum of 160 players for the event.

    What is going on Finland?

    Since the Legacy Nationals in 2018 and 2019 gathered nice amounts of players to compete for cash prizes we are yet again hosting the Finnish Legacy Nationals in Tampere, the Legacy capital of Finland. The trophy and cash prizes await the rightful owners! So buckle up, enrol the tournament and come play the format you all love!

    On Friday (11.11.2022) there will be a last chance trial awarding a bye for the event on Sunday. It is starting at 5 PM and costs 15€ (cash). The venues is the same as the main event.

    Registration and payment

    Our goal is that everbody willing to enter the event can do so. We also would like that the event fires up with 160 players. to reach these goals follow the follwoing rules:

    1) Check if there are seats available, PM me the name(s) of the people willing to participate in form of FIRST NAME LAST NAME. Pay the tournament fee in time (at 21st of October at the very latest)

    2) Pay the tournament fee by IBAN bank transfer or contact us with problems (for example no IBAN in use)
    !!!Mark in the transfer reason if you are paying for multiple players!!!

    3) I will keep track of payments and will notify players who still havent paid but are enrolled.

    4) Remember to cancel your preregistration/registration if it turns out that you can't make it to the event.


    9 am Doors - check in the tournament with the registration staff

    9.45 am be at the registration queue at the very latest

    10 am tourney starts / player meeting

    ~12 pm - 12.45 pm: After 2nd round there will be a short lunch break

    ~7 pm: Top8 starts, giving out other prizes according to the swiss standings

    ~10 pm: Finals (hopefully) end

    Swiss rounds are 50mins long; Top8 and top4 rounds last 90 minutes; finals are untimed.

    The lunch break will be handled so that once the timer for second round runs out the is a 45min break for lunch.


    Team Kettu (a local entity of TOs) informs the winnings to the income registry of Finland. The payouts will be handled by me, myself and I. For prizes up to €100 there are no extra steps. To receive prizes of more than €100 require you to inform to us your (Finnish) social security number and contact information dictated by tulorekisterilaki 8 § (income registry law). There is no withholding tax on the prizes to be paid, so you are obliged to be responsible for the tax consequences arising from the income (e.g. to apply for the necessary advance taxes on the income.) If we get at least 100 players, prizes will be top16. If the player amount arises over 120 players the top24 will get prizes.

    Example prizes for event with 120 and 160 players respectively:

    120 players (6000 EUR minus expenses) 160 pelaajaa (8000 EUR minus expenses)
    1. 1000 EUR 1. 1.400 EUR
    2. 700 EUR 2. 900 EUR
    3.-4. 400 EUR 3.-4. 500 EUR
    5.-8. 250 EUR 5.-8. 350 EUR
    9.-16. 100 EUR 9.-16. 120 EUR
    17.-24. 60 EUR 17.-24. 100 EUR

    In addition the name of the winner will be carved in the trophy!

    Traveling and accommodations

    Tournament is played in Ravintola Hertsi (Korkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere FINLAND). Hertsi is located in Tampere University's Campus in Hervanta.

    There are park spaces available next to the site. There is also a brand new tram line going in 7,5 minute intervals between Tampere city center and Hervanta and the trip takes approximately 22 minutes. The number on the tram line is 3 and the nearest stop to the venue is called "Hervannan kampus // Hervanta Campus".
    Omenahotelli int the city center offers room for €80/€100 a night for rooms of two/four.

    Bring with you

    1. Legacy legal deck according to your decklist!
    2. Decklist in A4 size! The only size we are accepting.
    3. Tokens and dice
    4. Paper and pen or some other way of taking notes during matches
    5. Finnish social security number / foreign personal identification number or tax identification number for receiving prizes worth more than €100
    6. Your IBAN bank account number


    You can win one (1) BYE for this event. 1x BYE can be gained by winning one of these:

    Sunday 2nd of October: Lipevä trial in Hämeenlinna
    Saturday 15th of October Oh My Game trial in Vantaa
    Saturday 22nd of October: Team Kettu's Legacy Legions V
    Saturday 5th of November: Oh My Game trial in Vantaa
    Friday 11th of November: in Ravintola Hertsi (same venue as Nationals) Team Kettu x Kauppiasfoppan Basaarin Last Chance Trial! Each X-0 players gets a bye!

    Live stream

    Once again we will have live stream from the events by TR3 Gamers!

    See you all in November!
    -Kylis, kurikka, Kosonen & Team Kettu

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    Re: [Finland] Finnish Legacy Nationals 2022 12th of November 2022!

    Some of my friends sell records,
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