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Thread: Blue Zoo [X-Point OS]

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    Blue Zoo [X-Point OS]

    Hey guys! I've been getting into Oldschool lately, and wanted to share an idea for a Blue Zoo list. I've always loved playing and building Zoo decks, especially those with Blue. Spells like Ancestral Recall and Time Walk have a steep points cost, but perhaps their effects would be best suited to a Zoo deck?

    4 Kird Ape
    4 Ball Lightning
    4 Serendib Efreet
    4 Erhnam Djinn
    1 Serendib Djinn

    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Chain Lightning
    4 Psionic Blast
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Fork
    1 Time Walk
    2 Shatter
    1 Disintegrate

    1 Sylvan Library
    1 Chaos Orb
    1 Mox Ruby
    1 Mox Sapphire

    4 Taiga
    3 City of Brass
    1 Strip Mine
    5 Mountain
    4 Tropical Island
    4 Volcanic Island


    3 Shatterstorm
    2 Tranquility
    3 Blue Elemental Blast
    3 Red Elemental Blast
    2 Earthquake
    2 Shivan Dragon

    Kird Ape: Kird Ape is our only 1 drop. He's rarely a bad card, and often he's stellar. He does get held back by Mishra's Factory, and does require 1 of our 8 Forests to become a 2/3.

    Serendib Efreet: Serendib is an evasive threat, one we can cast fairly easily. This is a deck that doesn't mind being on the clock so to speak, because it has burn to finish the game quickly.

    Erhnam Djinn: Erhnam represents 4 of our only 5 green cards in the deck. While it may seem like Green could be cut, Ernie and Kird Ape are a tremendous presence on their own.

    Ball Lightning: Tropical Island can be awkward alongside, but we are playing Mox Ruby to help this. Ball Lightning is what makes us a bit unique, my hopes are that it's a bit unexpected.

    Serendib Djinn: Double Blue cost is restrictive, but we are playing Mox Sapphire. The Ability to Eat Mountain, City of Brass, or Taiga for no damage has me eager to try him.


    1x Time Walk: The idea is to attack with Creatures and play Time Walk. 2 Points is a steep cost, but it's exactly what we want.

    1x Ancestral Recall: My hope is that this deck makes good use of the extra cards during early phases of the game. Maximum efficiency for 4 points

    1x Fork: Our deck supports Fork very well. We're fundamentally red, with a bunch of great spells to duplicate. It also helps fight through Counterspell.

    1x Sylvan Library: The 5th Green card, Note the 11 Green Sources. Library looks good against Control decks to me, especially in long SB games.

    1x Disintegrate: Deals with Sedge Troll (Inefficiently) and closes out games.

    1x Chaos Orb: Solid Removal efficiently priced. We lack good 2 Drop threats, so this at least gives us something productive.

    2x Shatter: An Answer for Nevinyrral's Disk, Mishra's Factory, and Icy Manipulator. It's rarely a dead card, very important vs Workshop decks.

    4x Lightning Bolt, 4x Chain Lightning: 1 Mana Burn spells are very nice. Versatile, Important, and Powerful.

    4x Psionic Blast: You could play 3x, but I'd fear Serendib.


    3x Shatterstorm: This card is exciting to me, because it may be great against the Workshop decks. Very Solid vs artifacts, a top deck.

    2x Tranquility: I think it's probably important to have answers to The Abyss, 2x to give proper respect.

    2x Earthquake: Seems like a solid SB Option vs Creatures. Kird Ape and Ernham have solid bodies, and our other creatures have Evasion.

    3x Red Elemental Blast: Red Blast provides important interaction against Blue opponents, who hope to Counter our threats and Draw cards.

    3x Blue Elemental Blast: Not as easy for us to support Blue Blast, but very strong against Red opponents.

    2x Shivan Dragon: For Blood Moon based decks, and any match where you'd want some top-end.

    I've had fun brainstorming for this deck, it looks very enjoyable to play. Matchup analysis to come, That's all for now.

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