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Thread: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

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    'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    [Paper Only on 9/10/22]

    The Deck:

    EDIT: Most Recent List I've Personally Played -

    'Original' List:

    4 Boarding Party

    4 Creative Technique

    4 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

    4 Etherium-Horn Sorcerer

    2 Maelstrom Wanderer

    3 Sakashima's Protégé

    1 Sweet-Gum Recluse

    4 Ancient Tomb

    2 Boseiju, Who Endures

    4 City of Traitors

    4 Crystal Vein

    2 Hickory Woodlot

    1 Mountain

    4 Otawara, Soaring City

    4 Sandstone Needle

    4 Saprazzan Skerry

    4 Sulfur Vent

    1 Svyelunite Temple

    1 Taiga

    3 Tinder Farm


    2 Boseiju, Who Endures

    3 Commandeer

    2 Fry

    1 Grasping Dunes

    1 Keruga, the Macrosage

    2 Leyline of the Void

    3 Mirrorshell Crab

    1 Seething Song

    This is 30 Sol Lands, 22 Spells, and the idea is to put any spell on the stack (usually Turn 3) and hopefully win the game that turn. Why? Because there are only 3 categories of spells in the maindeck.

    Spells that inevitably Cascade “down” into Creative Technique as a trigger when they are put on the stack (in the case of Maelstrom Wanderer, sometimes twice and through other Cascade spells).

    Creative Technique, which copies itself when it gets put on the stack and Cascades “up” (again, twice) into any other spells it finds in the deck.

    Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

    So the gag is it’s a resonance chamber of sorts. Any spell you cast in whole deck (assuming it’s not Creative Technique or Emrakul itself) adds an extra Creative Technique to the stack until you run out or choose to shut the process down, which copies itself and becomes two “branches” that grab more spells to add to the stack which will either be Maelstrom Wanderer (which itself creates two more “branches” of new spells on the stack), a Cascade Creature that adds both itself and a Creative Technique to the stack, or another Creative Technique which copies itself. Usually, you’ll hit an Emrakul (amongst a lot of other stuff). Sometimes you won’t and you’ll just have to swing for 73 points of haste damage with your 12 new creatures.

    The thesis of competitive advantage here is, besides redundancy with 18 effective 1-card combos and the ability to easily Mulligan to 4 if needed, that this all happens with Cast Triggers which means as soon you start you immediately get 2 “streams”, so this one combo-threat would take 2 counterspells to stop in its track since each stream, due to the nature of the deck, begins multiplying itself. Your opponent gets spells out of this process too, but they get far fewer and usually irrelevant spells (much like how they get a permanent off of Show and Tell). In theory, if they have both a Force of Will in hand and another one off the top of the deck as their random spell on the very first Creative Technique they could shut the whole thing down, but that’s just the risk you’ll have to take.

    After both playing against a Creative Technique deck piloted by Lee Hung Nguyen ( and seeing PVDH’s recent youtube video with a similar concept (see link in opener) I wanted to include a deck of this kind in my latest round of deck submissions, but I started tinkering with it and think it just plays best when running only those spells and powering them out using 30 Sol Lands.



    • Teferi, Thalia, and Trinisphere do shut down the combo. This is why there are 4 Otawara and 2 Boseiju maindeck. You don’t have a lot of opportunity to dig for them, however, as the deck has no filtering mechanisms other than taking mulligans. It’s running 100% off of threat redundancy. There are two Fry in the sideboard, but putting spells with <6 CMC in the deck comes at a price so even against something like a 4x Teferi deck whether you want them in or not is likely play/draw dependent.
    • Mindbreak Trap is fantastic against you here. There are 3 Commandeer in the sideboard which do function as an answer to Mindbreak Trap, but 2x Blue Cards is a ridiculous price to ask from a deck with only 9x Blue cards maindeck. This is actually the main utility of the Keruga companion (being a summonable-to-hand Blue card that’s always available). Still, the resiliency and consistency of the combo begins to drop as you sideboard cards in. Even sideboarding in just the 3 Commandeer without choosing to board in any additional blue Sideboard cards should expose your initial combo to Force of Will about 12% of the time (since 1/8th of the time you’ll hit a useless Commandeer off the first Technique copy and that exposes your combo to a single counterspell).
    • You’re a Turn 3 combo deck without maindeck interaction to leverage against faster combo decks (unless they just so happen to be vulnerable to Boseiju or Otawara).
    • You can absolutely not win against an early Life from the Loam + Wasteland Lock. Rishadan Ports should also provide some headaches, but it’s worth noting that two of the Cascade “initiaters” in the deck have Flash.
    • The average independent card quality of this deck is somewhere just north of a pack of Fallen Empires. (There’s actually an ETB tapped land from Fallen Empires in here.)
    • Sometimes if your opponent is playing with pieces that lock your combo out there’s a chance they could Technique into them “mid-chain” and stop your combo from continuing to grow the stack any farther than it has grown, in which case the game will devolve into a strange limited-type game where your 7/5, your 6/3, and your 3/6 are up against your opponent and the one other permanent they randomly added to their board from their library.
    • If we hit an opponent’s Tendrils of Agony off Creativity late in the chain we can amusingly combo off for the opponent and kill ourselves with their Tendrils.
    • Surgical Extraction is not as good against it as some opponents might expect (as left to it’s own devices our “chain” puts all 4 creative techniques before the first one hits the stack) but Surgical Extraction + Countermagic does cut our chain pretty short.


    Singleton Card Reasonings:

    Sweet-Gum Recluse - The 1x Recluse looks weird since it could be another Sakashima’s Apprentice (which is easier to cast off the manabase combinatorically and is Blue for Commandeer), but when your combo gets halted part-way through or you just fail to hit an Emrakul, you want the strongest board of randos that you can and Sweet-Glum is an effect that can give some portion of them (based on the random sequencing) +3/+3, and a single Sweet-Glum can then be cloned by Sakashima’s Apprentice for further pumping. Furthermore, if you get into a situation where you have to pass the turn having a creature with Reach has non-0 value, and a single Sweet Glum can turn a hand with Hickory Woodlot as your sole source of colored-mana functional.

    Keruga, The Macrosage – Mostly in the deck to enable Commandeer (both as anti-hate and against some faster combo decks), but conceivably you could also end up with a massive board behind an Ensnaring Bridge and he could come down and draw you 9 or 10 cards into a Boseiju/Otawara. I feel good about him in the deck but I’d be tempted not to declare him Game 1 (until after your opponent sees what you’re doing).

    Svyelunite Temple – This looks like an odd singleton in the manabase but really it’s fighting against the fourth hypothetical Tinder Farm here. Sakashima’s Apprentice is still a little awkward to cast with this “30 Sol Land” manabase, so another 1-card source of double-blue was desired. I’m not actually positive that 3/1 is the appropriate Tinder Farm / Svyelunite Temple split, but Tinder Farm is a sac-land that produces precious Red Mana and emables Boseiju. Going down to 0 Sveylunite Temple really hurts the castability of Sakashima’s Apprentice though, so if 1 Sveylunite Temple is wrong it’s probably wrong in the other direction. (Yes, I am aware that last sentence is a sentence I just wrote to present to people in the context of Legacy.)

    Taiga – There is a desire for 1-mana untapped Lands here because they are very good at enabling turn 3 Techniques and Turn 2 Boseiju’s. Since those are the two main functions of this land, it’s a Taiga. There is a temptation to make this a Mossfire Valley instead since there are no 1-CMC cards in the deck and technically that card has better combinatorics in casting Maelstrom Wanderer, but I think the threat of being Boseiju’d yourself outweighs the niche MW mana combinatorics.

    Mountain – Given the above, why isn’t this Mountain also a Taiga? Honestly there’s a good chance it should be for Boseiju’s sake, but there are so many random “Pro Basic” effects (from fringe Ghost Quarter to Veteran Explorer) as well as lines where you may want to protect a land from Wasteland that I can’t convince myself to make this move yet.

    Seething Song – If your opponent really isn’t playing any countermagic, why not just make it a Turn 2 deck instead? I could even buy the argument that there should be 2 Seething Song in the sideboard, but as tempting as making this a Turn 2 deck sounds, remember that you often have to sacrifice lands to commit to going for the combo so this acceleration is a huge liability against blue decks and that Seething Song clutters up your combo on the other end as well when it gets hit by Creative Technique.

    Grasping Dunes – Sneaking another answer for Thalia into the sideboard.


    Cards to Consider:

    Emrakul, The Promised End – It’s a cast trigger you can put in the deck that gives you an extra turn of the opponent’s when you hit it. A little cute and fancy, but something worth noting the existence of since the deck is all about exploiting cast triggers that countermagic has problems with.

    Ipnu Rivulet – If Doomsday is an opponent you’re expecting an overabundance of and 3x Commandeer 3x Mirrorshell Crab is insufficient, this is a card you could play in the board that should prove awkward for them to navigate without adding to the clutter you’re making of the combo itself.

    Aurora Phoenix – A 6 mana cascade threat in the right colors that’s a 5/3 Flyer. I don’t think it makes the cut given the competition, but what do I know?



    Anyways, that’s all I’ve got. This is all theory crafting I’ve come up with in the last 24 hours or so as I’ve never played an actual game with this yet, but goldfishing it sure is fun in itself and, again, I appear to be denied the ability to submit it to the people I designed it for, so … here you go, for what it’s worth. Also any input you have on the deck is appreciated as good or bad I do intend to run this soon myself.
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