In Cardiff we had 8 for Legacy, not bad with all that has gone on recently and a double recheduling.

The decks in attendance were Uro 4c, Enchantress, Bomberman, UWR day's undoing,Eldrazi+, GW depths, Elves (no glimpse) and BG depths.
BG depths took the event with a clean sweep from depths and elves, with Uro and Enchantress middling thanks to an epic draw.

From Bristol we have in order undefeated Cabal Ritual DD, Gw depths, UR delver, UBWG control, and BR reanimator.

The legacy South Wales and West quarterly is not announced yet but I have been told it is the 19th Nov- it is a proxy allowed unsanctioned event unlike the FNMs, and is modelled on the LLM,, and details can be found here