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Thread: store champs Cardiff

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    store champs Cardiff

    Here is the report of our Legacy store champs. Kudos for giving us Legacy players a great day.
    First up, only 13 managed to make it from a wide area. We missed a fair number of local regulars, but their loss was made up with the return of some old faces and people travelling. It was comp REL, but with a small crowd the atmopshere was more relaxed than usual.
    Minsc and Boo has started to make an impact on the format, and this was reflected in the field, which was.....
    Naya Depths x3 (all with Minsc and Boo)
    Ur delver x2 (one with 2 main deck pyroblast, the other 1)
    4c URO control (with a whopping 3 Minsc and Boo)
    BUG aluren
    8 cast
    No respect Doomsday (that is what Doishy called it, and who am I to argue)
    BRw reanimator
    Red Eldrazi Blood Sun
    Mono Black control (karn Pox with just 1 smallpox)
    BG smog depths (with a from the loam package)
    A little to unpack here- first up just under a third of decks were running a depths package. Secondly less than half (6 from 13) were blue decks, 5 of them brainstorm decks, and only two delver. Even allowing for local blue players not turning up, that is still a lot of people chosing not to play blue, and 4 people chosing to play 20/20s, the same number who chose to make Legendary Hamsters.
    The standings after 5 rounds swiss: the top 4 were UR Delver, 8 Cast, Mono b and UR delver, so both delver decks made it. It was a close run thing and had Naya Depths snuck past No respect doomsday. it would have been a top 4 with 4 unique decks instead, both decks finishing on 9 just outside the top 4.
    The top 4 played out as follows-
    Delver beat Delver 2-1, whilst Mono B beat 8 cast 2-0, which surpsingly has little to do with Karn (it never turned up) and more due to wasteland and slightly clunky 8 cast draws. The final saw a mono B delver rematch and it was taken by Mono B 2-1, after both decks executed their respective game plans in the first two games, the final game saw a role reversal as the mono B deck was aggressive with creatures having hated on the graveyard with both Leyline of the Void and Dauthi Voidwalker.
    So, a great day and for those in the UK I hope to see you at the next South Wales and West Legacy Quarterly in November in Bristol (sadly I won't be at the Axion events in October).

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    Re: store champs Cardiff/OCt FNM

    Once again a modest turnout in OCt- just 8- but we did play 4 rounds. I suspect Axion big weekend and the cost of living is limiting attendance
    The decks were as follows-
    Show and Sneak (trad Oni build, no release the ants and the like).
    Mono black (almost pox).
    D N T (I did not see if this is the Yorion build or not, but I am 99% certain it did not have the red splash that periodically pops up).
    2 x U control (jeskai and 4c iirc)
    BG chain of smog/depths with a loam package
    Mono red prison with eldrazi.
    Top of the shop, all on 9 were 4c control, D n T and Mono Red Prison with eldrazi, we failed to get any sevens, despite some matches going to time.
    You can't get much data off just 8 players, but it is noticable just how many decks ran blood moon (or it's wacky cousin Blood Sun) in the main or side, with S n T, Jeskai, Moon Prison and Bomberman all able to do so with impunity. Lacking some players who would have upped the depths, elves, storm, reanimator etc. count made the event feel slightly odd and increased the chances of running into Blood Moon. The absence of any Delver was noteworthy too.

    Two chalice decks was interesting too- it is a card close to my heart, but it is much less effective now that Prismatic Ending and Force of Vigor are out there. It certainly wrecked my night though- a prospective t1 triple thoughtseize off a dark ritual biting the dust, and another match on the draw leaving me with 5 of my 13 1cc spells, before topdecking two more. Nice to see it do work.

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