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    Starting a thread which will cover the different versions, so far the most common is Ub but there is a legit Uw version, both have their strengths and weaknesses. Black gives you Duress and Engineered plague while white gives you Enlightened tutor, Swords to plowshares and Disenchant. I am starting with Ub just because it seems to play very lean and has excellent disruption with Duress/Mesmeric Fiend. Lim-dul's Vault and Psychatog are also strong.

    4x phyrexian dreadnought
    2x psychatog
    4x stifle
    4x vision charm
    4x portent
    4x gush
    4x foil
    4x Daze
    2x ghastly demise
    3x duress
    4x lotus petal
    1x lim-duls vault
    1x counterspell
    1x impulse
    4x Polluted Delta
    10x Island
    4x swamp

    2x hydroblast
    1x blue elemental blast
    1x annul
    3x engineered plague
    3x tormod's crypt
    3x chain of vapor
    2x mesmeric fiend

    Sideboard is a complete guess. Some lists use more dig, like Impulse. The white version uses maindeck Disenchant and sideboards Meddling Mage and Circle of Protection: Red.

    Red is also a really good splash color, giving Grim lavamancer, Bolts, fire/ice, and Fling. I'm leaning towards the black splash currently but the red one is really appealing because it has more interactive play patterns.
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    Re: StifleNought

    Those bots =(
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    Re: StifleNought

    Quote Originally Posted by caiomarcos View Post
    Those bots =(
    Gotta get our numbers up somehow

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    Re: StifleNought

    Why is there the usual blue stuff missing eg FoW etc? Not needed?

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    Re: StifleNought

    Quote Originally Posted by z0anthr0pe View Post
    Why is there the usual blue stuff missing eg FoW etc? Not needed?
    This is a Premodern deck, Brainstorm and Force of Will are banned in the format.
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