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Thread: A Buffalo Chicken Dip Legacy Tournament Report

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    A Buffalo Chicken Dip Legacy Tournament Report

    Bcdl Open Write Up - Coverage:
    Decklist: (Shoutouts to Callum for the list that I borrowed)
    Feel free to DM or ask here for any questions/clarifications. I think Painter fits great into the format on top of being
    a deck that is super fun to play with a ton of lines that make you feel like you outplayed your opponents.

    R1: UW Stiflenought (LWW)

    G1: Kept a reasonable welder/saga hand with a few blasts. On the draw, Welder got dazed and then I made a few constructs
    as my opponent made basic island/prismatic vista as land drops.I assumed it would be like stoneblade, so the construct plan
    made sense at the time. Then my opponent cast dress down and untapped into 2 dreadnoughts after I burned my blasts fighting
    over a fable. I died quick.

    G2: Relatively unremarkable. My opponent cast a chalice for 1 (interesting deck building with dreadnought) on turn 2 after
    I cast an engineer off mountain saga with a red fow (blast/monkey) backup. Binned painter and comboed after a few more turns
    when saga popped.

    G3: opponent kept a hand of double spyglass and named engineer/grindstone, died to idiot tribal of engineers and painters
    while they were stuck on 1 land after their saga popped.

    R2: GW Depths (WLW) (G3 Coverage - 215 ish)

    G1: On the draw, I lead with a turn 1 fable after opponent plays land and passes. We exchange a few removal spells onto
    goblins and elves and he lands a knight into play thats a 5/5 and out of my immediate bolt/fury range. I draw a painter and
    am staring down a lage in 2 turns with nothing to do to stop it. With us both on nothing, I put Painter into play and hope to
    draw grindstone for lethal. And we hit. Into g2

    G2: Depths did some depths things very quickly. I had a mull to 6 with a welder, some lands and a fable, but nothing super
    interactive for any elves. He leads turn 1 elf into turn 2 flagstones to ramp, and quickly assembles a lage while my hand
    flounders abit. His turn 1 fetch+flagstones+mox diamond prevented me from ever using the twinshot I drew to kill the elf,
    so I died pretty quickly.

    G3: (Camera match) This game was absolutely awesome. I highly recommend watching it. The game starts very faborably for me.
    I land an early fable while also strongly controlling the board of my opponent. But my lands are Furnace/Tomb/Saga(1) and I tap out
    for a second fable to add my pressure. My opponent untaps and puts an elf AND an ouphe into play. Now I'm on a clock and I need to force
    as much damage through as possible. I use the reflection on constructs plus antreasure goblin to keep applying pressure and turning all
    of my constructs into lethal threats. Eventually, my opponent can use the elf after using force of vigor to destroy my needle from saga on
    elf to assemble lage and go to 2 life from another lethal attack and have lethal on the crackback, but has to block with ouphe.
    But my mana is unlocked. Cast twinshot target you for lethal!

    R3: 4c Control (WLW)

    G1: Game ends very quickly. I try to jam an early combo with painter on turn 1 into a turn 2 grindstone with monkey/blast backup,
    but eat two removal spells from my opponent who was on the play in swords/ending. I switch to a construct plan with saga and draw a
    second saga to keep applying pressure. They concede with no answers to mass constructs.

    G2: This game was pretty unfortunate. I keep a hand with mountain/mountain/furnace with multiple engineers, an apprentice
    and fable. I slowly make land drops while my opponent cantrips and cast an apprentice. My opponent decides to meltdown
    for 0 to take some pressure off (while missing land drops) and also nukes my land. Unfortunately, I never found a new
    land 3 and would die with multiple stranded 3 drops in hand staring down an uro and mincs/boo on turn 15

    G3: Kept a hand with turn 2 magus and a fable/apprentice/sokenzan to apply alot of pressure quickly. Opponent had to spew
    alot of resources to not die to my plethora of early threats, when they finally tap out, a second magus comes to play.
    No outs, onto round 4.
    R4: Combo Elves (WW)

    G1: Opponent has a slowish start and goes for a turn 2 glimpse, but fizzles quickly. I cast a fable and was able to
    jump into a turn 3 Fury to wrath their board. I ride the fury and reflection to victory.

    G2: Very similar to game 1, opponent had a slowish start while I used a few bolts to keep things in check, but eventually
    got a visionary/symbiote loop going. I cast a needle to force a bounce on symbiote, then evoke furied their board and cast
    an engineer to find a painter with a saga popping next turn. I was able to have a magus backup next turn with threatening
    combo next turn and force the opponent to choose between anwsering combo or having mana. They chose to answer combo with
    abrupt decay and then died to beats.

    R5: RW Taxes (LL)

    G1: Mulled to 6 and kept a hand with some welders, fable and sol lands. Ended up getting the taxes treatment of a turn
    2 SFM into Kaldra with lots of wastelands and swords. Could have maybe done something to utilize an engineer and fiddled
    with the GY, but didn't have enough mana to really assemble anything. Kaldra and SFM swung for lethal when I was at 1.

    G2: Very similar type of game. Mulled to 6 and kept a fable hand that was abit heavy on mana. Opponent had another turn
    2 SFM. Binned two lands off fable hoping to hit a fury or bolt to be able to deal with SFM. Found two sol lands and
    started getting beat, with another SFM finding a Lion's Sash to start nuking the GY. Drew a MOpal for turn and called it.
    Deck just really didn't function this round. Just gotta rally back for the next one.

    R6: Turbo Muxxus ft. Mind Goblin

    G1: Opponent reveals a Delusionary for Mind Goblin, so abit worried about a Turbo Muxxus on turn 3. I keep a hand that
    has a Fable and Fury, and hope that I can jam a turn 1 fable (otd) and that a reflection + fury can stagnate the board and
    buy enough time to assemble the combo. Well, opponent has no turn 1, so the turn 1 fable generates a bit of mana over 2 attacks
    and trades with a turn 3 war marshall while opponents fumbles around abit. They cast a ring leader and find 4 goblins, but assemble
    combo with a saga popping. Opponent got painted.

    G2: Very similar to game 1, I keep an early fable hand, but this time I'm very dense on creatures. I trade another treasure
    goblin for a mogg war marshall and hard cast a fury to clean up what's left thanks to Fable. I use reflection to copy a goblin
    engineer and slowly tutor up combo while I attack with a Fury. Eventually put opponent dead on board with combo backup. Into top 8!

    R7: ID vs. 8 cast

    T8: Nettles Elves (same opponent as swiss)

    G1: I mull to 5 and begrudingly keep a hand of Painter/Blast/SSG/Mountain/Saga. Doesn't really matter as I get hit
    by a hoof for 12 on turn 2 and am dead on board to the crack back even through the painter + blast.

    G2: I keep a hand that has Fury an early Fable with Fury + Red Card. Opponent goes for a turn 2 glimpse again but
    only gets to draw one card off of it before fizzling. I discard from fable and find a magus and slam that into
    play while opponent is tapped out. They struggle to find anymore green mana and slowly die to a few creatures with nothing else to do.

    G3: Opponent keeps a weak 6 and I keep a turn 2 magus. Opponent leads cradle pass. I lead on a painter on blue. Opponent then
    plays a dryad arbor and a GSZ for 0 to find a second. I slam magus into play. Opponent never finds green mana and then loses their
    board to a painter on red and pitch cast fury exiling a saga. I draw numerous blasts and slowly chip away with 2 painters. Onto top 4

    T4: Mono Red Prison (WW - Coverage: time (9:25:00 ish))

    G1: Opponent has a great start to this game. Turn 1 City -> Chalice. Turn 2 Trinisphere, Turn 3 Rabble Master. I make 3
    moutains as land drops and cast a fable. I have a few one drops in hand, as well as a Fury. I'm hoping to be able to cast
    the Fury next turn with treasure + land drop. Opponent then plays a Warboss on Turn 4 to apply alot of pressure. I block
    a 1/1 and go to 12. I use Fable to discard 2 blasts and draw reasonable cards, but unfortunately don't find a mana source.
    So I Evoke cast Fury paying 3 into the Trinisphere to get rid of the Gobbos. At this point, I have combo in hand, with no
    great way to get into it play. I use my free attack here on the goblin to generate a treasure to try and get to double spelling
    if I draw any mana source. Opponent casts an anje's ravager and hits me down to 12. I draw for turn and find a mana source. I sac
    my goblin to make a mana, to be able to cast a fable and goblin engineer, which gives me the ability to discard combo next turn
    and also put a breya's apprentice into the yard in case I need to try and make the card last alot longer if I lose the reflection.
    I'm hoping to fade a fury, as that wraps this game up. Opponent casts a Laelia and then doesn't find the sol+fury+red
    card that they need. I untap and combo with exactly enough mana. Onto Game 2.

    G2: A much shorter game. Opponent leads turn 1 fable, I lead turn 1 apprentice. They get rid of some lands and trade their
    goblin and treasure with a shatterskull for my apprentice and thopter. I untap and use a simian spirit guide to play a painter
    and engineer. I had drawn a great furnace for turn, which is lethal if I can untap. Fury also only kills 1 creature, so I can
    pivot to contructs if 1 creature dies. But no fury, just some initiative. Untap and kill you.
    Finals: Turbo DD (LWW - Coverage: time (10:03:00 ish))

    I want to preface the finals by saying my brain is completely fried at this point and I think there is a lot of room for
    improvement in play, esp. game 1 but also alot of interesting decisions to be made in games 2/3.

    G1: I mulled to 5 and kept a blast/painter hand and just never cast my blasts because I couldn't decide what to blast. I probably
    should have just sacced my painter to blast the first DD and hope to draw well with my double blast hand After the pile was made,
    I saw there were no forces in the pile and that my opponent was on misdirect and I needed my opponent to make a mistake. My opponent
    didn't and had cavern. Rally back for g2/g3

    G2: I keep a hand that has turn 1 magus and an engineer and am hoping to cheese them. I jam the turn 1 magus into my opp's 6 and
    they have force of will for it. I cast goblin engineer on turn 2 to find a grindstone and had top decked a great furnace, so now
    I have the ability to actually grindstone next turn, which they don't know about. They go for a turn 2 DD and make a pile that
    can beat a blast, but can't beat a grindstone activation. They go for a brainstorm and get milled in response.

    G3: We both mulligan, and I keep a hand of Blastx3, Mountain, Saga, MBT (I think MBT is better than some other cards in out
    main deck, but can see not bringing it in at all, but was really relevant in this game in particular)
    Opponent thoughtseizes me and sees a pretty ridiculous hand, but it means any cantrips/personal tutors are going to get
    hit immediately, and he takes a blast and slowly begins working away at it. I top deck a grindstone and slam it into play.
    I'm hoping to hit third land and make a construct to apply pressure with the saga rather than holding up a blast. Opponent uses
    their time to play a ponder and cantrip, but doesn't find anything and shuffles. I draw for turn and play a saga and pass, still no land.
    Opponent is continuing to make land drops. I draw for turn: Thorn of Amethyst, not a land, but it plays. I jam it into
    play to slow my opponent down. 4 > 3, after all. Opponent then casts a duress to keep working through my blasts. I draw,
    still no third land, but I can now find a MOpal that will be active with the Thorn I drew and hold up blast still as well as
    MBT + Surgical, which I just drew. Opponent does nothing and a lotus petal, not a land, but we have some mana and anything will
    play. Opponent finds another Thoughtseize, and takes a goblin welder Ive been holding that I haven't had the opportunity to cast
    to hold up interaction. I finally draw per turn and find an ancient tomb. Opponent passes while doing nothing (I should have milled endstep
    here, but my brain is really fried and I'm not playing 100%. Also, it's arguable that I should be milling my opponent to hit a DD or Thoracle
    for surgical, but I liked more so finding a painter or other artifacts that were relevant for a welder/engineer top deck). I'm stringing land
    drops with a great furnace and get duressed once more, losing my final blast but leaving a MBT and Surgical. I mill myself and get a simian
    spirit guide as my draw, a CLOCK! Opponent then casts a Thoracle as a blocker (and had to read the card because he wasn't sure how it actually worked).
    One more top deck: Goblin Engineer. I put lethal into play and bin a needle for thinning (petal might be better) Opponent looks at their hand is unable
    to assemble combo through thorn with a thoracle in hand + thoracle in play. They had hoped I would block and they could make a pile with it back in, but
    is difficult through a surgical + grindstone. GGs!

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    Re: A Buffalo Chicken Dip Legacy Tournament Report

    Great report. Thanks for sharing

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