Results are from 2023's first event in Wales. I missed Dec and so here we are. I do have November's standings kicking around- top of my head on 10 were white geddon stax with initiative and Nightmare on Elf Street, but with only 7 due to strikes and rearrangements but it was 4 rounds it was an odd event standings wise.
Tonight we had 10, with the venue tight on space due to wargaming and fnm places limited.
Tonight's decks were in no particular order.
Rw prison initiative (basically Dragon stompy but with lots of initiative), white geddon staxy stuff - with initiative, Green Titan post, bomberman, mono Red painter, show and spicy omnitell, jeskai control with Day's Undoing combo, TES, Depths, and burn. I didn't see the Depths, I am presuming Naya Depths with minsc and boo. Happy to correct if wrong.
So not very blue, very comboish and some initiative.
Top of the shop on 12 was white geddon initiative stax.
On 9 we had both Depths and Rw Initiative prison Moon stompy.
Then a huge bunch of sixes- Burn, TES, Jeskai Day's undoing, and Show and Tell all hitting the prize slot.
Finally Green Titan post, Bomberman and Painter rounded out a fine evening of mtg.
Thoughts on initiative- we I think the format will settle a bit on this but it does seem online events have seen various versions perform very well. You can certainly add it to a number of shells. The main issue is that it pushes decks towards combo decks that outrace it whilst punishing fair critter decks like dnt that cannot keep up, and the less prisonish versions of Initiative use Cavern to force it down early vs blue control decks, further punishing them too.