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Thread: Jund [X-Point Oldschool]

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    Jund [X-Point Oldschool]

    Hello everyone, it's Troopa here. This thread is for Jund decks in X-Point. Here is my list.

    4 Birds of Paradise
    2 Black Knight
    4 Order of the Ebon Hand
    4 Hypnotic Specter
    4 Sedge Troll
    4 Juzam Djinn
    3 Erhnam Djinn
    2 Sengir Vampire

    4 Lightning Bolt
    2 Chain Lightning
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Chaos Orb

    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Jet
    1 Mox Ruby
    7 Swamp
    4 Badlands
    3 Taiga
    4 Bayou
    1 Strip Mine
    3 City of Brass

    4 Gloom
    3 Red Elemental Blast
    3 Tsunami
    1 Detonate
    2 Shatterstorm
    2 Falling Star


    Birds of Paradise: Birds helps get us off the ground, while also stabilizing our mana requirements. There's some opportunity cost, but Birds has been great so far.

    Black Knight: Perhaps the weakest creature of the lot, but he's still solid. Good with Bolt, our 5th and 6th two drop.

    Order of the Ebon Hand: So much to love, apart from a weakness to Desert or Cuombajj Witches. Truly a problem for some opponents.

    Hypnotic Specter: Great value for the cost. An impactful, aerial 3 drop. Where Troll threatens the board, Specter threatens their hand.

    Sedge Troll: Holds the ground well, and Attacks just as well. The best creature in the deck, perhaps the format.

    Juzam Djinn: 5/5 for 4 mana, Juzam is just a great deal. To build a proper home for him, this is my ultimate goal.

    Erhnam Djinn: Erhnam is just a bit weaker than Juzam. Since it's so important for us to produce threats, we're playing 3x

    Sengir Vampire: 2 Sengir to round out the Curve, they perform fairly well. Serendib would be a scare card without them.


    Lightning Bolt: Premier, top of the line spell in red. It does everything for us. Slowing our opponent down, Speeding us up, or Removing an important threat.

    Chain Lightning: Much worse than Lightning Bolt, but I've been thrilled to have the 2 copies.

    Chaos Orb: Quintessential, and pretty good too. Can't leave home without it.

    -Pointed Cards-

    Demonic Tutor Demonic Tutor allows us to tutor up our powerful accelerants. I'm very often using Demonic to fetch a Mox or Lotus, and this function has been awesome.

    Black Lotus Black Lotus is often our preferred target off of Demonic Tutor. Lotus allows us to be explosive.

    Mox Ruby Essential, for it's ability to cast Bolt or Chain Lightning after Demonic Tutor.

    Mox Jet Better than the Ruby, which should speak to its value. Jet provides double black turn 1 for Order and Black Knight.

    -Sideboard Cards-

    Red Elemental Blast Solid spell vs the quicker blue decks and slower ones.

    Tsunami A core sb option. Our ability to play Tsunami at pace is particularly scary.

    Detonate Good vs Slower decks with a few targets.

    Gloom Very good vs Mono White, Good enough vs some other white decks too.

    Shatterstorm Spell option for opponents playing many artifacts.

    Falling Star Falling star comes in handy vs decks with smaller creatures.


    With cards like Tsunami, Falling Star, Red Elemental Blast, and Gloom, Jund has some of the best SB options in the format. Our ability to morph these cards into different structures and forms for each matchup, it's unique. 3 Colors provides some tremendous options, and this deck aims to get full value from them. This deck has been remarkably consistent so far. Not only does it win quickly, but it also seems to get there consistently too. I've really enjoyed playing it.
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    Re: Jund [X-Point Oldschool]

    Since you have so many BB costs and midrangey threats, do you want 4 Dark Ritual + 1 Sol Ring in there to help accelerate?

    Hippie and Juzam are so much more dangerous on turn 1.

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