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Thread: MtG with classic playing cards (i.e. cards for poker, bridge, rummy, ...)

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    MtG with classic playing cards (i.e. cards for poker, bridge, rummy, ...)

    This is nothing new - reddit link, but I think it requires a bit more elaborate card functions. So, here is my idea:

    1} Turn structure (phases), resolving stack, combat damage and overall rules are identical to MtG

    2) Each player brings a classic 52-card deck, without Jokers (Jokers are banned ).

    3) Deckbuilding: Each player chooses 26 cards they want to play first, and chooses 4 cards as Wishboard/Sideboard.from them. They shuffle remaining 22 cards (upper part of the library) and also separately the residual 26 cards (bottom part of the library). They put the wanted-first 22 cards on the residual 26. In a tournament setting, these 3 parts can't be changed, they must be shuffled separately, only during matches in next games after the 1st, a player can change between WB/SB and the chosen cards for upper part of library.

    4) There are 2 colors: black (Spades, Clubs) and red (Hearts, Diamonds).

    5) Any card can be played face-down as a land, or face-up as a creature. Some cards may be played also as a spell. Once a card is played in the chosen way, it cannot be changed.

    6) Card played face-down counts as a land. It enters the battlefield with 1 charge counter and has these abilities:
    Tap: Add
    Tap, remove a charge counter: Add or
    , tap: Add charge counter
    A player can play only 1 land in their turn, and only during their main phase (obviously).

    7) Creatures and spells:
    Card has a number (2 - 10, J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13, Ace can be played as both as 1 or 14)
    a) Creature's CMC is half of the number, rounded up. Creatures from number cards and Ace played as 1 have one mana mandatory in their color, J and Q two, K and Ace as 14 three.
    b) Creature's power is half the number rounded down in number cards and A, rounded up up in J, Q, K.
    c) Creature's toughness is half the number rounded up in number cards and A, rounded down in J, Q, K. Odd-number creatures with toughness > power have flying.
    d) Small number creatures (2, 3, 4) can be tapped for mana of their color. (like Llanowar Elves)
    e) Middle number creatures (5, 6, 7) are Licids. They have:
    , tap: This creature loses all abilities and becomes an aura enchanting target creature. It adds its power, toughness and abilities (Protection, Flying) to enchanted creature. You may pay to end this effect.
    f) High numbers (8, 9, 10) can be played as spells:
    8 - : Terror (Destroy target creature with different symbol. It can't be regenerated). (Instant) 8 of Hearts/Diamonds is still played for black mana as a spell! This applies further.
    9 - : Counterspell (Instant)
    10 - : Wish (Choose a card in your Wishboard/Sideboard and put it in your hand). (Sorcery)
    g) Non-number cards:
    J - 6/5 Trample, Haste; spell: : Lightning Bolt (Instant, 3 damage to any target)
    Q - 6/6 Flying, Lifelink, Legendary; spell: : Duress (Sorcery, can discard spell card, i.e. 8 - A)
    K - 7/6 Trample, Annihilator 2, Legendary; spell: : 3x Smallpox (Death Cloud for 3) (Sorcery)
    A can be either 0/1 for 1 color mana or 7/7 for 7 (3 in color). Flying. Tap: Regenerate any target. Spell: : Brainstorm.

    8) Protections
    Spades have Protection from Hearts.
    Hearts have Protection from Clubs.
    Clubs have Protection from Diamonds.
    Diamonds have Protection from Spades.

    9) Legendary rule: Kings and Queens are Legendary.
    a) You can't control more than 1 Legendary creature.
    b) If an opponent controls King, you may play only Queen as a creature, and vice versa.

    10) Monarch rule (optional):
    a) Only one player can be a Monarch.
    b) You cannot be a Monarch, if you don't control K or Q.
    c) When K enters the battlefield or deals combat damage to an opponent, its controller becomes a Monarch.
    d) When Q enters the battlefield and opponent is a Monarch, the Q controller becomes a Monarch.
    e) When player, who is a Monarch, is dealt combat damage, he loses Monarch. Their opponent, who dealt damage, becomes a Monarch if they control K or Q.
    f) Player, who is a Monarch, draws an extra card at the end of their turn.
    g) At end of your turn, if you aren't Monarch, sacrifice K.

    Summary table: Unfortunately, it can't be pasted here in reasonable format.
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