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Thread: [Los Angeles, CA] Knight Ware 12/10/23 Decks avail to borrow Scrubland,

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    [Los Angeles, CA] Knight Ware 12/10/23 Decks avail to borrow Scrubland,

    Knight Ware Inc in Studio City, CA is holding its next 2nd Sunday Sanctioned Legacy tournament on December, 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM

    Happy Holidays
    Who wants a Scrubland or some FOW's?

    Entry fee will be going back to the pre-pandemic model of
    $20.00 if you show up/pay before 12:30 pm, $25.00 after that
    (Store credit CAN be used for entry fee at this event)
    Decklists Required 48 players max
    COMP REL, William Kim to Judge

    Magic Companion app code is EWYGEWG
    Sign up on Facebook here
    (If you want to be on the email list for future announcements, let me know)

    No Deck? No Problem.
    The store has 22 decks available to borrow as well as some extra individual cards (duals, fetches, …) for those that need
    If you need to borrow a deck or cards, let me know asap/send prefered list as many of them need updating

    Card Prize Pool
    1x Scrubland (EX)(3ED)
    4x Force of Will (3 are EX, 1 has a Dent)(EMA)
    4x Bloodstained Mire (EX+/EX)(KTK)
    2x Flooded Strand (EX/EX-)(ONS)
    3x Urza's Saga (NM)(MH2)
    2x Orcish Bowmasters (NM)(LTR)
    3x Wooded Foothills (EX+/EX)(KTK)
    2x The One Ring (NM)(LTR Bundle Foil)
    1x Mindbreak Trap (EX)(ZEN)
    1x The Dead Marshes - Foil Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (NM)(LTC)
    3x Windswept Heath (EX+/EX)(KTK)
    4x Arid Mesa (NM)(MH2)

    Prizes will be based on attendance
    8 players card prizes to top 2 only
    (3rd will get store credit)
    9-16 players card prizes to top 4
    *17-24 players card prizes to top 4 only*
    (5-8 will get store credit)
    25-32 people card prizes to top 8
    33-38 top 9
    39-42 top 10
    43-46 top 10 and 1 random
    47-48 top 10 and 2 random

    Knight Ware Inc.
    3709 Cahuenga Blvd. West
    Studio City, CA. 91604
    (818) 769-7830

    Sunday December 10, 2023
    Store opens at 11 AM
    Registration anytime after that and before 1:00 PM
    (casual play before the tourney is most welcome, bring your EDH, vintage, etc.)
    Tournament at 1:00 PM
    Entry Fee $20.00 before 12:30 pm, $25.00 after
    I have seats / table space for 48 players.
    Please show up early if you can

    REL is REL Competitive pending Judge acquisition
    Decklists Required
    8 players, 3 rounds no cut
    9-16 players, 5 rounds cut T4
    17-32 players, 5 rounds cut T8
    33-48 players 6 rounds cut T8
    first place, first pick, second place, second pick and so on
    Eventlink standings just prior to the cut will be used to determine 3rd/4th and 5th-8th

    Parking is the main reason most of our larger events are on Sundays
    as we are “Street parking only” but the
    street meters don’t run on Sundays

    any questions, post, call or email me


    Lori Saul
    Knight Ware Inc.
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    Legacy FNM's every Friday at 7pm,
    Store Credit tournaments 2nd Sunday of each Odd numbered Month
    Some kind of Staples tournament 2nd Sunday of each Even numbered Month

    3rd Sunday of most months is Uncanctioned Vintage and Casual Day
    93/94 OldSchool, Vintage, Legacy, PreModern, Pauper, EDH, ...
    I can do rounds for any format that wants it.

    4th Sunday of the month is PreModern

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