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Thread: [Deck] Solitaire (Enchantress)

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    I think with Archon vs. Sigil, you have to decide what you're going to encounter more often: Swords to Plowshares or Force of Vigor. Prismatic Ending can easily cover 0-3 CMC. The 4c control decks can get up to 4 CMC, but 5 (Sigil) is usually safe. If you face Death and Taxes more frequently, then Sigil still is more likely to survive (Skyclave Apparition covers 0-4).

    Archon and Sigil serve different purposes, though. Lifelink is actively helpful. I see Archon as more of a value card than a finisher. Let us know how it goes.
    Probably keeping the Archons/Sigils on the side, acting as sort of a transformational sideboard feature? Think it cuts.

    The only thing of this list i don't feel good about is it has no Presences. Sythis is a very good card for Enchantress, but not "cuts-Presence-entirely-from-the-list-and-yet-as-a-4-of" levels of good. It's easier to tutor for, but way easier to interact with. Enchantress depends on the Enchantress effects, if the opponent can interact with them so easily it completely disrupts the strategy. Some choices on this list reflect such stance. Mana auras are one of the best draws if you have 2-3 Enchantresses out. You get to have a way to draw more cards and keep your mana up. Honestly, with 2-3 Enchantress Effects out, any enchantment is a good draw.
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